Quote1.png My power overshadows yours, O'Brien – yours, Landers! Everyone's! I am the Overshadow! Quote2.png
-- Philip Nolan Voigt

Appearing in "Redemption"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Clinic orderlies
  • Clinic nurse
  • Helen Harrington (Only in flashback) (Steph's mother-in-law)




Synopsis for "Redemption"

At the Clinic for Paranormal Research, Dave, the last of the DP7 to be caught, is wheeled in on a gurney. The hunters who brought him in go to see Voigt for payment and leave.

Lenore is taken to join Jeff, Charly, and Dennis, who have all gone through mental reinforcement to alter their memories, as they have. Their therapist Dr. Semple tells them Dave and Randy are still undergoing treatment, and that Steph had a nervous breakdown (though she was actually put into a coma by Dexter Charne and Harlan Hackbarth. The four tell Dr. Semple about their escape, but it becomes clear their memories have been altered to make them seem at fault, and they have trouble telling truth from dreams. Their altered minds mean that they are institutionalized, and they say they never want to leave the Clinic again.

In the medical bay, Dexter Charne and Tracy Speck eneter the mind of the comatose Steph to try and regulate her psyche, but find it fragmented. When they find her self-image, it lets its power build up anbd explode rather than cooperate with them. They're approached by Voigt, who tells them he wants them to leave Steph and work on Dave, specifically to discover how he eluded them so long. The pair try to enter Dave's mind, but feel a psychic feedback (due to the block the ESPeople put in his mind) and pass out. Dave wakes up, to find the two of them on the floor. Dave wakes up Randy, but when Randy tries to stand he finds his leg muscles have atrophied after two months of sedation. Dave carries him and says he'll carry their whole group if he has to.

Dave carries Randy into the main foyer and asks another patient, Sally, where they'll find the rest of their group. She tells them to try the cafeteria. A group of Clinic guard challenge them, but can't do anything to them with so many witnesses. they tell them Voigt wants to see them, but Dave says to tell Voigt they don't want to see him. Dave and Randy see Lenore, Jeff, Scuzz, and Charly in the cafeteria and tell them they're all leaving, but as they're brainwashed by Charne, they refuse to go. Randy and Dave decide to leave without them and go to find Steph, but are interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Semple. Semple takes them to see the comatose Steph. But it turns out Semple is actually Voigt, who has posed as her using his own parabilities. Dave attacks him, but is astonished when Voigt catches his fist and breaks his wrist. Then Voigt mimics Steph's healing power and heals the injury to prove he wants to help them. Randy is surprised that Voigt is paranormal too, so Voigt tells them how he became paranormal and set up the Clinic, revealing that the White Event was responsible for creating paranormals. Voigt says he wants paranormals to inherit the Earth and for him to lead them. Before he can say more, Dave tackles him and throws him to the floor, but Voigt effortlessly hurls Dave up through the roof, saying he's the ultimate paranormal. Randy stands up to him and is surprised when he produces an antibody that attacks Voigt. However, Voigt then produces an antibody four times the size to fight it and tear it apart. Randy is devastated, but then shocks even Voigt when he produces five more antibodies. Voigt starts to doubt he can beat Randy, especially when Dave jumps back down into the room. Voigt's antibody grabs him and hides him inside itself, so Dave punches it, exploding the antibody and seemingly killing Voigt. Randy sends his antibodies to search for any sign of Voigt while Dave and Randy celebrate making the Clinic safe.

Solicit Synopsis

Dave, the last free member of D.P. 7 is finally captured! But, as the Clinic discovers, he's far from helpless. For when Dave and Randy team up to face the head of the Clinic, anything— and every thing— goes! Plus: revealed for the first time, the true extent of Randy's anti-body powers!


In this issue, Philip Nolan Voigt reveals it was the White Event that gave he and other paranormals their powers.


Randy O'Brien discovers for the first time that he can produce more than one Anti-body.

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