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Jeff runs into the Clinic's aerobics studio to find Charly using her friction-controlling ability to dance on the ceiling. He reads her the new patient work assignments, and she's disappointed to have been made a receptionist instead of an aerobics instructor. Charly gives him a peck on the cheek, and he teases her that she's saving her real kisses for Randy. As he leaves, Charly wonders if her feelings for Randy are so obvious.

Elsewhere in the Clinic, Randy has a therapy session with Dr. Semple, and Randy talks about his guilt over one of his antobodies killing Dexter Charne. He says he wishes there were a way to bar the renegade antibody from coming back to his body. Leaving the session, Randy is hassled by Freefall and Tangler, and is surprised to hear they've been made security guards. One of Randy's other antibodies chases the renegade through the walls of the Clinic, and they see Charly naked getting out of her shower. Charly confronts Randy over their behavior, and to make up for it, says he'll have to come round to her room for a TV date to watch Top Hat later.

Later, Charly gets ready for the date when there's a knock at the door. Instead of Randy it's Indigo and Chill, two other African-American patients who tell her they're starting a blacks-only therapy group and they want her to join. Charly tells them she hasn't had any problems with white people, but to get rid of them, tells them she'll think about their offer. Before leaving, Indigo says to let her know the following day and that anyone who's not with them is against them.

During their TV date later, Charly makes a move on Randy, but he turns her down, reluctantly telling her his family wouldn't accept him dating a black woman. She tells him to get out, and when one of his antibodies appears afterward, she throws a bowl at it. Needing someone to talk to, she goes to Jeff's room, but he isn't in. Going to look for him, Charly is sexually harrassed on a stairwell by Freefall and Tangler. She makes the stairs slippery with her power, sending them sprawling. Dave comes to investigate, but Charly brushes the incident off. Angry at her encounters with Randy and the two creeps, she decides to go see Indigo.

At breakfast the next morning, Charly tells the rest of her group she's leaving them to join the Black Powers. Jeff says they tried to recruit him, but he told them where to go, while Randy just looks uncomfortable.

Charly later attends a meeting of the Black Powers, but feels uneasy when they draw up a list of apparent racists to attack, starting wth Freefall and Tangler. Indigo demands that Charly names someone too, and she reluctantly names Randy.

Later, outside, the Black Powers corner Freefall and Tangler and beat them down. They're seen, however, by one of Randy's antibodies and decide they have to find Randy and silence him from telling anyone what it saw. The Black Powers find Randy working out in the gym and start to attack him. One of his antibodies defends him, and a fight breaks out. Randy tries to stop hostilities, but the antibodies carry on fighting. Charly runs away, feeling guilty, and cries outside. Jeff appears, having been summoned by an antibody, and wonders what Charly's doing while Randy's being beaten. Jeff runs inside and makes short work of the Black Powers.

At breakfast, Dave says Freefall and Tangler are in intensive care, and that he's now been made a security guard. Randy and Charly see each other across the cafeteria, but don't say anything to each other.

Solicit Synopsis

Charly quits the D.P.7! What will the consequences for the group be when she joins the group of paranormals, the Black Clique? Win Charly be able to resist the Black Clique's demands that she get revenge on her friends?

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