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It's evening at the Clinic and Lenore shows up at Jeff's room to tranquilize him to normal speed so he can sleep - a nightly ritual. Before she does so, Lenore is repulsed by seeing a vampire movie playing on Jeff's TV. Lenore tranquilizes Jeff, and feels intoxicated from the life energy she soaks up from him. She thinks she hasn't felt as vital for 40 or 50 years. She goes to the gym to work off the excess energy and realizes these workouts have been getting longer and longer, and she's needed sleep less and less. As she runs on a treadmill, one of Randy's antibodies runs on the treadmill next to her, mocking her. As an experiment, she takes off a glove to tranquilize it, but it flies off.

Randy meanwhile wakes up from a nightmare, still feeling guilt that one of his antibodies killed Dexter Charne. When that rogue antibody appearts, Randy shouts at it and tells it he'll see it dead, before it leaves. Elsewhere in the Clinic, Evan Huebner, the orphan kid who previously took in one of the antibodies, hides in his room. An antibody comes through the wall, and Evan tries to talk to it, but it flies away.

At breakfast the next day, Charly enters the cafeteria with her new group the Black Powers, but snubs her former group. Randy gets uncomfortable and leaves to do his rounds. He goes to see Freefall and Tangler, who are recuperating from their beating at the hands of the Black Powers, but they won't come clean about what happened. Freefall levitates him to the ceiling and one of his antibodies has to save him.

Lenore undergoes physical therapy with the physiotherapist, Juris Ziegler. He flirts with her, pointing out how young she now seems - he body is rejuvenated to that of a twentysomething thanks to the energy she absorbs. Lenore finds his attention exciting. Later, she teaches class to the Clinic's kids. Scuzz bullies Evan, trying to find out what his power is, not knowing he doesn't have one. Lenore tells Evan to stay for detention.

Randy talks to Dr. Semple about his renegade antibody, and they agree to try and use hypnosis to block it from re-entering his body.

At Evan's detention, Lenore starts to crave life energy, and surreptitiously tranquilizes Evan to abosrb some of his. Afterwards, she wracked with guilt for preying on him, and when he wakes up she sends him away so she's not tempted to do it again. She goes to see Jeff that night and tells him she can't tranquilize him any more as it's having a bad effect on her. She agrees to do it one more time, and stops before she takes too much, but craves more. She becomes desperate to conquer the addiction.

Randy walks down a hallway, only to come across the male members of the Black Powers. They intimidate him and say one of his antibodies has been spying on Charly. He tries to explain he can't control them, but starts getting pushed around. His antibodies soon turn up and defend him against the Black Powers men. The fight continues and Lenore comes running. Seeing Randy on the floor, she tranquilizes the whole group, then carries Randy off to get help, feeling supercharged from all the energy she's absorbed. When Randy wakes up, he's overjoyed to see that Lenore's power worked on the antibodies too. He asks her to help him kill the renegade, but Lenore is furious that he would ask her to help him kill. He apologizes, and she confides in him that she's having problems with her power, asking him not to say anything to anyone.

That night, the renegade tries to enter Randy's body, but is repelled by the hypnotic block Randy has put on himself. It leaves in shame. Elsewhere, Lenore resolves to isolate herself to avoid temptation, even though it means she'll lose her renewed youth. she regrets not having made the most of her second chance at youth, as she's still a virgin. She phones Mr. Ziegler and asks him to bring some non-toxic paint to her room, so he can paint her body with it (presumably so they can have sex without her skin tranquilizing him).

In Evan's room, the boy is visited by the renegade antibody. Seeing that it looks fuzzy round the edges, he offers to be its new host body, and it takes up residence in him. Evan is happy to now have a friend, and a paranormal power.

Solicit Synopsis

Things have gotten pretty quiet around the Clinic lately — and that's the problem! D.R 7's Twilight cannot — does not — want to control her tranquilizing power! But the more people who succumb to her power, the greater becomes her "Hunger!"

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