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In the grounds of the Clinic, Scuzz puts his new gang, the DDTeens, through their paces, making them demonstrate their powers to him, including the newly arrived Michael Crawley. They give each other codenames like the Black Powers have, but are interrupted by Dave, who reminds Scuzz they shouldn't be using their powers in public view.

Inside, Scuzz stops to talk to Charly until Blindspot appears and tells her Indigo wants to see her. Meanwhile, Jeff excitedly tells Randy about newspaper headlines that Star Brand has gone public, and wonders if it means all paranormals will be able to go public. He says he's got relatives in Pittsburgh who he'll get to send clippings to him.

In the cafeteria later, Scuzz approaches the table Dave and Randy are sitting at with Dr. Semple to tell her he's starting his own teen therapy group. She says she'll help arrange that, while Dave marvels at all the special interest groups that are springing up. Some of the other teens are Scuzz to stand up to the Black Powers, so he approaches them and asks Charly to defect to his gang. Indigo is furious and squeezes Scuzz in one of her solid energy constructs until he cries acid tears on the table and she drops him. Dave comes over to investigate and tells the Black Powers off. Returning to the other teens, he tells them that night they'll be kicking some serious butt.

That night, Scuzz tells his gang they're going to take on the Black Powers, and all but Joel "Mothball" Larsen agree. They send Evan Huebner's "Shadowman" antibody to scout out the Black Powers' location - one of the lounges. Using Annie Stevenson's power, they deafen the Black Powers and rush them. A full-scale fight breaks out, until Charly makes both gangs slip over and then stick to the floor. An angry Indigo tells Charly to let them go or she's out of the gang, and when Charly refuses, she grabs her with one of her energy fists. In the nick of time, Joel arrives with Dave and Joel uses his energy-dampening projectiles to defuse the situation. Dave orders the kids to their room and the Black Powers to clean the place up. Indigo tells Charly she's made a powerful enemy, so Charly flings down her Black Powers jacket and walks away.

Solicit Synopsis

Gang war hits the Clinic paranormal sanctuary and the first victim, win or lose, is D.P.7! The reason is D.P.7's Scuzz and Charly are pitting their gangs, the DD Teens and Black Power, against each other to see who's the toughest group in the Clinic!

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