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Synopsis for "Madhouse"

Charly and her former Black Powers colleague Squirm are walking down a Clinic hallway when another patient, Scrap Iron, comes flying through a wall, having been blasted by Bazooka. The two men start slugging it out, and Charly and Squirm do their best to go and get help. The now reclusive Lenore peeps out of her room to see what the noise is, but goes back inside, thinking nothing concerns her anymore. Dave and his fellow security guard Stalagmite arrive and break it up, subduing the two men.

Charly says Squirm shouldn't be seen with her, as Indigo would be angry, but before he leaves, the two of them see that the two racists Freefall and Tangler are out of intensive care after the beating the Black Powers gave them. Squirm runs off to tell Indigo.

Jeff is on the phone to his family, but breaks off to stop Mutator being picked on by one of the DDTeens, Joel "Mothball" Larson. Afterwards, he approaches a disinterested Charly at her reception desk and asks if, now that she's left the Black Powers, she'll rejoin their old therapy group. Charly says she won't until Randy apologizes (for rejecting her advances).

Dave and Stalagmite take the two brawlers to the Clinic director Ms. Newhouse, and Scrap Iron says he started the fight because Bazooka's membership of the Black Powers had come between them. After Newhouse sends them away, she asks Dave to stay and talks to him about the way that the violence and hostilities between different groups are becoming a big problem, and staff are leaving as the Clinic is too hazardous to work in. They agree that they need to break up the special interest groups and even expel some troublemakers, and will announce it at a general assembly the following day.

Scuzz asks Charly if she'll join the DDTeens, but she says she'll think about it. Meanwhile, the Black Powers hold a meeting and discuss the fact that one of them, Blindspot, is missing. They wonder if Freefall and Tangler might have something to do with it. Chill goes to bed, but in the middle of the night Freefall and Tangler break in through his window and pull him out into the air using their powers. When he wakes up they gag him and taunt him before letting him drop three stories to the ground below. One of Randy's antibodies, and his former antibody "Shadowman" see Chill's dead body on the ground and the antibody first tries to wake the dreaming Randy, and then Dave, who's sitting vigil over the comatose Steph. Dave goes and finds the dead Chill before summoning help and Ms. Newhouse. Newhouse realizes there could be a riot once word gets out.

Dave goes to Lenore's room to tell her about the meeting the next day, but Lenore refuses. She's becoming frail now that she's no longer absorbing life energy from others and still hungers for it.

Charly is invited to a coffee morning by some of the other women patients, who say they want to start a women's only therapy group. Charly makes her excuses and leaves, thinking it's getting ridiculous. After she leaves, Squirm catches up with her and tells her Chill and Blindspot are missing before Indigo bursts in and shouts that they were murdered. She tells Charly that they're going to start a riot at the assembly and in the confusion, she and Bazooka will kill Freefall and Tangler. They want Charly and Squirm to guard their flanks, and if Charly refuses or tells anyone, Indigo will kill her herself. After Indigo and Bazooka leave, Squirm suggests he and Charly could run away, but she says she couldn't face life on the run again.

Later, Squirm is working out in the gym when Freefall and Tangler sneak up on him, levitate him and start choking him with Tangler's tanglewire.

At the assembly later, the various special interest groups are standing in their separate gangs, and Squirm is missing. Ms. Newhouse addresses the patients and tells them security monitors will be reinstalled in public areas, anyone committing violent acts will be expelled, and that all special interest groups will be disbanded and patients will have to return to their original therapy groups. The more volatile patients are incensed, and Indigo and Bazooka start a riot by blasting Tangler through the windows. An all-out riot starts between the different groups, with some of the more peaceful patients like Dave, Randy, Stalagmite and Sponge trying to stop the hostilities. Charly prays for Lenore, who she'd secretly gone to see earlier, to help. Lenore emerges from her room and seeing how bad things have gotten, as well as craving the life forces of others to regain her lost youth, she disrobes and her power tranquilizes all of the rioters and staff in moments. Her vitality totally restored, Lenore vaults down over the balcony and realizes she needs to work off the excess energy before she becomes addicted again, and wonders if she'll have to tranquilize them all again when they wake up.

Solicit Synopsis

The Clinic turns into a no-holds-barred battleground when gang war erupts amongst all the paranormals! How can D.P.7 survive in a complex that's become a "Madhouse!"

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