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  • Dave Landers' Winnebago
  • Army truck

Synopsis for "Bad Road"

Jeff Walters speeds out of the doors of the Clinic for Paranormal Research, breaking them as he goes, at top speed, screaming out for his mother as he goes. The sound attracts Dave, who is clearing up after the recent riot. He starts to clean up the broken glass and is helped by Sponge, who tries to flirt with him, though he isn't entirely aware of her intentions. As they clean and talk they're passed by Lenore, who has been out jogging since the riot, trying to burn off the excess energy she absorbed from all the rioters she tranquilized. Lenore says she didn't see anyone break the door.

In the Infirmary, Randy treats the people injured in the recent violence, but Indigo refuses to be treated by him as he's white. After Randy finishes his rounds, the security guard Curtis Smith falls asleep watching a news report about a strange blackout in Pittsburgh, and Indigo sneaks out of the Infirmary. Indigo breaks into Charly's room and attacks her for betraying the Black Powers during the riot using her solid energy projections. Charly fights back using her control over friction and sticks Indigo's eyelids together. Their fight takes them out into the corridor and Indigo blindly lashes out at Charly, breaking her concentration. Able to see again, Indigo gets ready to kill her, but Randy's Antibodies arrive and beat Indigo unconscious. Randy arrives and starts to carry Charly to safety before other patients including Dave arrive. Randy treats Charly in the Infirmary, but she panics when the unconscious Indigo is brought in, but Randy assures her she won't be hurt again.

The next morning in the cafeteria, an annoyed Pamela Leighton is filling in for Jeff as a server since he hasn't shown up for work. Dave and Randy are concerned, and Randy sends his antibodies out to search for him. Hearing that they're looking for Jeff, Mutator, who is sitting at a nearby table, says Jeff was with him in the rec room when a report about the unexplained disaster in Pittsburgh came on the TV, and Jeff hightailed it out of there. Charly remembers that Jeff has relatives in Pittsburgh and that his close family were likely visiting them for the holidays. Seeing on the news that Pittsburgh is now just a big crater, they realize Jeff must have gone there, and Randy decides he'll go after him. Dave is unsure, and says he wants to talk to Steph (who is still in her coma), but Charly wants to go, to get away from Indigo. Dave goes to talk to the comatose Steph and tells her he's going with Randy. After he leaves, Steph starts to sparkle again - showing that he healing power is starting to work again. Dave asks Lenore if she will read to Steph in his absence, but Lenore says she wants to look for Jeff too. Later, Dave, Randy, Charly and Lenore leave in Dave's Winnebago, along with the adoring Sponge, who has used some of her rich father's money to buy winter gear for them all.

An hour into the journey, Charly screams as she goes to use the toilet - Mutator has stowed away, as Jeff was the only person who was ever nice to him at the Clinic. The others can't spare the time to take him back, so they agree he can come with them. Around 80 miles from Pittsburgh, they see a lot of trafic heading in the opposite direction, and are soon stopped by an Army roadblock and told to turn back. Lenore tranquilizes the soldiers and they drive through the roadblock. Fifty miles from Pittsburgh, Randy's antibodies show him there are even more Army personnel ahead, and the group decide to proceed on foot so they won't be seen, and Dave hides the Winnebago under some debris. As they proceed, they see an Army truck headed for them and Charly suggests they hijack it. She and Sponge pretend their car went off the road, and when the soldiers from the truck help them, Sponge dehydrates them until they pass out. When they reach the next checkpoint, Mutator knocks out the soldier on duty, though the others are a little shocked at his violence.

As the group go further, they find the way blocked with wreckage when they're still 30 miles out. They proceed for a while with Dave clearing a way for the truck, but when that takes too long they decide to go on foot, climbing over the debris. One of Randy's antibodies shows him what's ahead of them - a strange fog. Before they can go much further in the fog, the roof they're standing on falls away from under them and the six of them start to fall into the blackness beneath them...

Solicit Synopsis

What has happened to Blur's family? In a suspense-filled tie-in to THE PITT, Blur dashes across America to discover if his family survived the annihilation. Afraid of the consequences for Blur if his worst fears are realized, the D.P.7 secretly follows. But their journeys will not be easy because all roads leading to that city are "Bad Roads."

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