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Appearing in "The Clinic"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Monica
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pommer
  • Tommy Pommer (First appearance)
  • Cindy
  • Dr. Eastman
  • Clinic receptionist
  • Other Clinic patients
  • Clinic security guards




Synopsis for "The Clinic"

In Winnebago County General Hospital, Doctor Randy O'Brien is on duty in the emergency room when a huge man, Dave Landers is brought in, having tried to overdose on painkillers. Before the doctor and his team have even finished pumping Landers' stomach, however, Landers awakens and starts throwing the medical staff and security guards around. When Randy tries to inject Dave with valium, he's surprised when a pair of dark, translucent arms emanate from his own torso, holding Dave for long enough that Randy can inject him. Randy's spooked, but none of his colleagues saw anything strange.

Later in his room, Dave tells Randy that in the last week he'd suffered agonising muscle cramps, and had gained 200 pounds of muscle, had grown hairier and taller, and that he'd tried to kill himself for looking like a freak. Dave asks to be put out of his misery, but Randy tells him he'll give him the best treatment he can. Dave accedes, but breaks his leather restraints easily, proving he could leave anytime he likes. Randy asks if Dave saw anything strange when he sedated him, but Dave didn't see the strange arms either.

The following day, Randy reports to his superior, Dr. Eastman. Randy wants Dave moved to a better equipped hospital, but the angry Eastman wants such a unique case kept in his hospital for the publicity. When Eastman turns his back, Randy thinks that he'd like to strangle him, when suddenly a dark translucent figure flies out of him and flies at Eastman as if to strangle him. Randy shouts "No!" and the figure flies up to the ceiling, while an oblivious Eastman berates Randy for shouting at him. After Eastman leaves, the figure dives back into Randy, and Randy experiences the event from the figure's point of view.

That night at his apatrment, Randy hears a new report about the White Event, before reading in the local paper an ad for the Clinic for Paranormal Research, and realizing it seems appropriate for his case. Phoning the number, he's impressed that they sound legit, and he wonders if they could help both him and Dave with their problems, before falling asleep. As he sleeps, his "anti-body" leaves his body and flies off.

Back at the hospital, Dave considers jumping from the window to kill himself, when Randy's "anti-body" arrives. When it touches him, Dave sees Randy looking at the newspaper ad, and escapes from the hospital. Randy's "anti-body" returns to his body and he has what he thinks is a nightmare about it going to see Dave. When Dave appears at his front door, however, Randy realizes it was no dream.

The following morning, Randy drives himself and Dave to the Clinic and they give fake names. As they fill in forms, Harlan Hackbarth looks on and thinks Dave would be a good candidate for treatment. The two men meet Dr. Jane Semple, who explains the Clinic's work and shows them around. Afterwards, they decide to check in. That afternoon, they meet the other members of their new therapy group – Charlotte Beck, Jeff Walters, Dennis "Scuzz" Cuzinski, Lenore Fenzl, and Stephanie Harrington. Dave is immediately attracted to Stephanie, but is disappointed to hear she is married with kids.

The Clinic's senior staff meet with their boss Philip Nolan Voigt and think the therapy group are some of their most promising subjects yet for their plans, and Dexter Charne gets the go-ahead to begin indoctrinating them using his power.

Dave and Randy grow close to their fellow therapy group members over the next few weeks, becoming a close group. However, Randy reveals he's troubled by things like the Clinic's tight security and their isolation from other therapy groups, while Lenore says she thinks it odd that the Clinic is so unconcerned about being paid.

That night, Randy sits awake wonderign why he has such a problem with the Clinic's policies as Hackbarth, Charne, and Tracy Speck monitor him on CCTV. Randy forces his anti-body out of him while Hackbarth says Randy's anti-body makes him a danger to them and wants to put him in intensive care so they can mentally reinforce Randy round the clock. When Tracy realizes Randy's anti-body is out of him, Hackbarth prepares to give Randy a severe asthma attack, when the anti-body attacks them. The anit-body flies back to Randy and shows him what he saw. Randy sends the anti-body to tells the others, before he's surprised by Hackbarth forcing his door open. The anti-body shows Dave what happened before going to Scuzz's room, and Dave busts out of his room in time to see Hackbarth carrying the unconscious Randy. When Dave refuses to go back to his room, Hackbarth gives him severe stomach cramps. When Scuzz finds Dave, Dave tells him to tell the others. The rest of the group debate what to do until Clinic security guards show up with tranquilizer dart-firing guns. Charly makes them slip over using her power, before Lenore tranquilizes them using hers.

Randy's anti-body leads them to Randy and Hackbarth, but Hackbarth uses his power over others' bodies to disable them in different ways. However, Dave, thanks to his experiences of dealing with muscle pain, manages to resist Hackbarth and knock him out. Certain that the Clinic means them no good, the seven paranormals, most of them still in their nightwear, make a run for it out into the night...


At one point in the issue, Philip Nolan Voigt mentions "these clinics," indicating there was more than one such Clinic. However, no other clinics were depicted in the series.

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