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Quote1.png Sure wish we'd had time to get dressed before escaping! Quote2.png
-- Stephanie Harrington

Appearing in "Runaways"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Greyhound bus driver
  • Greyhound bus passengers




  • Greyhound bus
  • Truck
  • Light airplane

Synopsis for "Runaways"

Continued from last issue... The seven paranormals from Therapy Group C, having escaped from the Clinic for Paranormal Research when they found out about the Clinic management's plans for them and the other patients, make their way through the woods surrounding the Clinic, most of them still in their nightwear.

With no means of transport of their own, the paranormals try and flag down a vehicle. They decide that drivers would be more likely to stop for an attractive woman, so they get Stephanie Harrington to pretend to be a hitchhiker to get a lift from a truck, ready for the rest of them to climb into the back. However, the truck driver, fearful of his company's rules about pitching up hitchers, passes her by.

Desperate, the paranormals see a Greyhound bus coming and, knowing that they never stop for hitchers, realize they have to use their powers to stop it. Charly Beck uses her power over friction to freeze the wheels of the bus, Dave Landers wrenches open the doors with his super-strength, and Lenore Fenzl uses her tranquilizing power to sedate the driver and passengers. With Dave driving, the paranormals make their escape.

All the while, Tracy Speck back at the Clinic uses her telecognitive power to see through the escapees' eyes to spy on their actions, waiting for a recognizable landmark to be seen so that they can send the clinics' headhunters after them.

Jeff Walters' energy levels start to fall due to his super-fast metabolism, and the paranormals are forced to steal food to keep him alive.

Deciding to head for Landers' mobile home, the paranormals dump the bus and head off across country. They're buzzed by a light aircraft, and decide to head for cover. Before they can get very far, shots ring out and several of them - Lenore Fenzl, Stephanie, and Randy O'Brien - are taken down by tranquilizer darts immediately, though Randy is able to force out his 'Anti-body' before falling unconscious. Trying to get to the headhunters, Dave is brought down by a hail of darts. Charly panics and runs into the woods, where she is shot by Geraldine 'Vice Versa' Rumlow. Scuzz, trying to stop Charly from running away, is shot too.

Jeff tries to attack Vice Versa, but is repulsed by her inertia-reversing power. Deciding to go for another target, Jeff and Randy's Anti-body fight one of the other two headdhunters, Leland 'Shrapnel' Sharp, and defeat him, despite him trying to attack them with his explosive ectoplasm-producing power.

Vice Versa approaches Charly with the intent of fitting her with a sedating face mask, but is shocked to find her hands sticking to her - Charly was feigning being tranquilized, as she'd used her power to make her skin slippery so the dart didn't break the skin. Charly throttles Vice Versa into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Stephanie, her super-fast metabolism having helped her shake off the dart's effects quickly, takes on the third hunter, Edward 'Bloodhound' Zentner, kicking him with a high kick she'd learned as a cheerleader. Jeff disarms him and Steph tries to fight Zentner, but despite her superhuman strength, he easily defeats her thanks to his experience in martial arts.

Rumlow regains consciousness and Jeff faces her once again, but, having worked out how her power works, throws darts away from her. Rumlow instinctively reverses their trajectory, sending them straight for her and tranquilizing herself.

Charly, Jeff, and Randy's Anti-body try and sneak up on Zentner, but he takes Lenore's mask off, so that her tranquilizing power slows Jeff down to normal speed. Zentner holds a knife to the throat of the unconscious Lenore, saying the Clinic doesn't care if they're brought in dead or alive. Charly makes the knife slip out of his hand and Randy's Anti-body knocks him to the ground, where Charly's power makes him stick.

Charly wakes up Scuzz and he uses his power to burn the sedating masks off their friends. The escapees put the masks on the hunters and tie them up, before making their escape to Dave's trailer, despite Scuzz's protestations that they should use more violence against the hunters.

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