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Appearing in "War Dogs"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Pitbull (Gaylord Picaro) (First appearance)
  • Pitbull's War Dogs (First appearance)
    • Male War Dog
    • Second Male War Dog
    • Female War Dog

Other Characters:

  • US Army soldiers

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "War Dogs"

Dave wakes up from a nightmare about still being stuck in the bottom of the Pitt, awakening surrounded by his friends in the ruins of Pittsburgh. Dave is disoriented and thinks he's still down there, and Randy's antibodies try unsuccessfully to restrain him before Lenore has to use her tranquilizing power on him. Meanwhile, Jenny realizes her MAX Armor is inoperable, and decides she has to seal it up and leave it behind. When the group hear an explosion nearby, Mutator runs off to see what's happening. When he doesn't return, Randy sends one of his antibodies after him, while the rest of them drag Dave and Jeff on improvized stretchers, with Charly making the bottoms of the stretchers frictionless to make them easier to drag.

The anitobody returns with Mutator, but they realize it will take them days to drag Dave and Jeff to safety. Now in a mole-like form, Mutator says he'll find somewhere for them to camp and starts to dig, before he falls into the intact cellar of a destroyed house. The paranormals and Jenny carry Dave and Jeff down there and they all set up camp. Mutator says he hears some more explosions and goes to investigate, accompanied by one of Randy's antibodies, while Randy settles in under a blanket with the women, and is surprised when both Jenny and Charly make moves on him. At the sound of a closer explosion, the antibody returns and shows Randy that an armed group of scavengers, including a man as huge as Dave, have captured Mutator. Jenny tells Randy to stay with the wounded while she and the other women go after Mutator. The women leave with two anitbodies, though both Charly and Sponge are reluctant to head into danger.

The women see Mutator being held at gunpoint by three of the scavengers, who call themselves the War Dogs. Jenny sends the antibodies to cause a distraction and they and Charly disarm the trio, leaving Lenore to sedate them with her power (as well as Randy's antibodies and Mutator, who are in the line of fire). The women gather up the scavengers' weapons, but are shocked by the arrival of the huge man, Pit Bull, who leaps at them. Jenny and Lenore shoot at him, with no effect, and he also proves immune to Lenore's power. In the end, Charly sticks his feet to the ground using her power, and Jenny throws a grenade at him, knocking him unconscious. They start to leave, but when they hear Pit Bull roar again, Sponge runs away in a panic. Jenny, Charly, Lenore, and the unconscious Mutator hide in a wrecked car as Pit Bull goes by.

Sponge runs back to the cellar, not realizing that Pit Bull is following. Sponge runs to Randy, but they're both shocked when Pit Bull crashes down through the ceiling and swats away Randy's remaining antibody. Randy hits him with a two-by-four, but Pit Bull doesn't even blink, while Sponge sprays Dave with water from her hand to wake him up. Just as Pit Bull gets ready to kill Randy, Dave wakes up groaning. Pit Bull attacks Dave, for supposedly being even uglier than him, and the still groggy Dave has to try and defend himself. Sponge pulls Jeff out of the way so he isn't crushed. Dave isn't faring well in the fight when Pit Bull bites him on the shoulder and Dave throws him. Pit Bull threatens to bite his face, so Dave realizes he'll have to fight dirty too. He grabs Pit Bull's jaws and pulls them apart, breaking them, and slams him into a wall, knocking him out. Randy and Sponge go to Dave before they all hear a bunch of guns being cocked - looking up, they see they're surrounded by soldiers with machine guns, who tell them not to move or they'll shoot...

Solicit Synopsis

Dave and Jeff thought they had it bad being stranded at the bottom of the Pitt. But no sooner, does D.P. 7 rescue them than they all have to face Pit Bull, the paranormal with the strength of a truck and the sunny disposition of the Hulk!


This issue contains a map of the Clinic for Paranormal Research, and Marvel Universe-style entries on Charlotte Beck (Friction), and Randy O'Brien (Antibody).

The issue also includes a letters page, "ParanorMail," featuring letters from Douglas A. Prestorog, Vince Hutchings, Clive D. Young, and Craig Romano.

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