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  • Steph's station wagon
  • Chuck's motorcycle

Synopsis for "Convergence!"

In Army training at Fort Benning, Jeff fights against Thomas Boyd and thinks he has the upper hand because of his super-speed. However, Jeff doesn't realize Boyd is leeching energy off him every time he punches him, and Boyd quickly beats the speedster. Jeff is crestfallen, thinking he's jeopardized his chance to fight the enemy he thinks killed his family, but Dave reassures him, while hoping he himself can get kicked out of the army. Boyd then fights Jeff's new friend Pit Bull. Later, in the barracks, Dave and Randy talk. Randy says that since his antibodies haven't shown up for a while, he's being assigned to finish his medical training rather than be posted overseas. Dave confesses that he dreads being stuck in the army, and that he's given up on seeing Steph again.

Dave then goes for his appointment with the "dream doctor" Lt. Keith Remsen. Remsen enters Dave's dream as Nightmask and finds that Dave is dreaming a corny, fairy-tale like dream in which Steph is woken up by Dave's kiss and then uses her power to heal Dave back to his pre-paranormal looks. Remsen is astounded by the cheesiness of Dave's dream, but ponders whether Steph and her healing powers are real.

Later that night, some of Boyd's Psi-Force teammates, Wayne Tucker, Tyrone Jessup, and Lindsey Falmon sneak onto the army base to spring Boyd from the army. They accidentally wake up some of the other paranormal soldiers, however, and Pit Bull, Jeff, Dave, Bazooka, and Gridlock fight them, before the Psi-Force members get away. The other men decide to let the MPs deal with them.

Remsen goes to see Major Zentner, having dug out Steph's file taken from the Clinic for Paranormal Research, reasoning that she'd be invaluable to the army as a nurse with her healing powers. Zentner remembers Steph from when he hunted the DP7 and thinks he should have thought of her himself. Zentner then calls Dave to his office and asks if he'd like to see his "girlfriend" again.

At the C.I.A.'s training facility in Langley, Maryland, Lenore trains with Charly and Sponge, easily overpowering her two friends with her newly acquired Judo skills. Afterwards. the women's handler Ms. Dobish tells Lenore she could write her own ticket in the intelligence community. Dobish then takes Lenore to see Jenny Swensen in the base's medical facility, and Lenore is shocked to see Jenny's skin has started to change, becoming metallic after contact with "Pitt Juice", the lava at the bottom of what was once Pittsburgh. Jenny's strength has obviously started to increase too. Jenny begs Lenore to put her out of her misery and starts going berserk, so Lenore sedates her, and promises Dobish she'll do what she can for her. Talking to Charly and Sponge afterwards, Lenore wonders if Steph's power might help, but Charly warns her that if the C.I.A. hear about Steph they'll want to recruit her too, ruining her family life in the process.

At Steph's home in Sheboygan, Scuzz and his fellow DDTeens are causing problems since showing up there to stay. Scuzz fights with Joel "Mothball" Larsen in the basement until Steph's husband Chuck breaks it up and tells them he wants them gone that night. Steph tries to argue their case, but in the end tells them they'll have to leave, and drives the teens to the bus station and gives them some money she'd saved for birthday presents for her kids.

Back at the Harrington house, Major Zentner shows up and tells Chuck he has a business propostion for Steph. Knowing any such proposition would take Steph away from him, Chuck makes an excuse to leave the room and slips out to warn Steph. Zentner thinks that Chuck smells of disease and fear, and plots to draft Chuck should Steph refuse his offer. Chuck heads for the bus station on his motorcycle, and Zentner and his unseen companion follow. Chuck arrives at the bus station to warn Steph, but before he can do much, Zentner shows up with Dave in tow. Dave and Steph are shocked to see each other again, and when Chuck goes to attack Zentner, he has Dave restrain him while Zentner tries to persuade Steph to join the military. Dave, feeling bad about what's happening, strikes Zentner from behind, knocking him out, and warns Steph how bad the army is. Chuck and Steph run off, and Dave talks to the DDTeens, asking Scuzz to look after Steph. He and the other DDTeens go after the Harringtons, reasoning that even if they can't go on the run with them, they can take over their house once they're gone. Dave looks at the unconscious Zentner, realizing he'll be in deep trouble for striking a superior officer.

Steph and Chuck arrive back at their house to get their kids and pack, but find Lenore waiting for them, saying she has a business proposition for Steph...

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