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  • Sensei Wade
  • Martial artists
  • US Army soldiers
  • Lisa Landers (Mentioned)
  • Sam Landers (Mentioned) (Unnamed)

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Synopsis for "Enough!"

Dave is locked in the underground "Black Hole" solitary confinement cell at Fort Benning because the feedback from the mental block in his mind put Sgt. Haldeman in a coma. Dave reckons he's been in the cell for three weeks, with nothing to do but pound on the walls. When he has food dropped into the cell, he tries to talk to the guards, to no avail, and wonders what happened to Steph.

At the C.I.A.'s Camp Peary training facility, Steph is undergoing martial arts training as part of her C.I.A training, and doing well at it. When she goes home to her house on base, her husband Chuck continues to act like a changed man, confusing Steph.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Haldeman, now out of his coma, goes to see Lt. Remsen. He asks Remsen to enter Dave's mind to see what affected him, but Remsen first says he wants to enter Haldeman's dreams to see what happened. He does so, and sees a million reaper-looking creatures (representing Haldeman's despair-inducing power) smashing themselves against a white wall of a big block in Landers' mind.

Back in the Black Hole, Dave is apparently visited by Randy's antibodies, which watch him for a while before leaving. Dave is incensed at them refusing to help, but due to his isolation, he could be hallucinating their presence.

Back at Camp Peary, Steph tells Chuck she's off to use her healing power on Jenny Swensen. When Chuck tries to get amorous with her, she pushes him away, not realizing her own strength. Chuck is affronted, but thinks to himself that it's him who really needs her healing powers. Steph uses her power on Jenny, who fights back, matching Steph's super-strength. She throws Steph off of her, and Steph, Lenore, and their handler Ms. Dobish see the truth - Jenny's body has transformed into living metal.

Dave is stunned by the arrival of the Woodsman (who helped him while he was on the run from the Clinic) breaking into the Black Hole and springing him, but soon it becomes clear he is merely dreaming when he is shot dead. Remsen enters his mind as Nightmask and shows him he's dreaming, healing his wounds with a wave of his hand and making the Woodsman disappear. Dave gets angry with Nightmask, who tells him he's there to help him. Nightmask decides to try and enter the "mental block" (placed there by the ESPeople) in Dave's mind, but as he does so, he is sucked inside, feeling like his dream self is being torn apart. He tries to return to his sleeping body, but his body disappears.

Steph is approached by a security operative, who tells her Chuck left the base and was followed, and that he went for AIDS testing. Steph goes home and confronts Chuck, who confesses he had an affair and caught the virus. Steph is angry, realizing he only returned to her for her healing powers, and lifts him into the air as he pleads that he doesn't want to die.

In the Black Hole, Dave hallucinates a dark doppelganger of himself, representing his dark side, who encourages Dave to kill himself by impaling himself on a shard of metal torn from the wall. However, Dave also hallucinates his late older brother Mark (who himself committed suicide), who pleads with Dave not to do it. In the end, though, Dave's dark side gets the upper hand and Dave is impaled on the spike. The vision of Mark disappears as everything goes dark...

Solicit Synopsis

Mastodon's decision! He has to get out of the Army, no matter what! But is his only way out. . . suicide?!


  • The issue includes Marvel Universe-style entries on Stephanie Harrington (Glitter), Denniz Cuzinski (Scuzz), and Lenore Fenzl (Twilight)

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