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-- Blur

Appearing in "Loose Ends"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Police officers
  • Dave Landers' neighbor


  • Wisconsin
    • Readfield
    • Sheboygan
      • Harrington residence



  • Dave Landers' mobile home
  • Police squad car

Synopsis for "Loose Ends"

In woods outside Readfield, Wisconsin, Randy O'Brien and Stephie Harrington, posing as a couple, lead two police officers to the spot where they and their friends left the Clinic's three paranormal hunters tied up and sedated, saying they were attacked by them. When they get there, however, the hunters are gone, and the skeptical police don't believe them. When the police start to wonder if the two had anything to do with the theft of the bus that they and the rest of the DP7 stole, a stressed Randy's antibody reaches out of his body and punches one of the cops in the gut. Steph, thinking Randy's decided to make a run for it, knocks the gun out of the other cop's hand and knocks him away from her thanks to her superhuman strength and speed. When the first cop pulls his gun on them, their speedster friend Jeff Walters arrives and disarms the cops and knocks them out. When Randy looks the cops over, he realises one of them's trigger finger was severed when Jeff disarmed him. They decide that Jeff will drive the cops to the nearest hospital in their squad car.

Back at their friend Dave Landers's nearby trailer park, when the others hear what's happened, they decide they should hit the road. Dave drags his pick-up over to his mobile home to get it mobilized, but when they drive off, they're seen by Dave's nosy neighbor. Jeff soon catches up to his friends. They decide to head to Milwaukee to clean out Randy's savings account.

At the trailer park, two other cops investigate, but are shot with tranquilizer darts by the Clinic's hunters and stripped of their uniforms.

As Steph cooks breakfast for the others, she's reminded of home and decides she has to go back to Sheboygan and see her family. Despite Randy's objections, Dave says he'll take her. Once they're out on the road again, a police car approaches with its lights flashing. Jeff goes to check, and sees that it's actually the hunters in disguise and warns the others. Randy doesn't stop driving, and the hunters realize the DP7 know it's them. Inside the mobile home, Charly, as the only one whose paranormality works at a distance, makes the hunters' steering wheel slippery, but they retain control of the car. One of the hunters, Shrapnel, fires a gas grenade into the mobile home, but the super-fast Jeff catches it and throws it into the police car. Another gas grenade is fired, but it bounces off Dave's chest. Realizing he has to do something, Randy forces his antibody out and it flies into the squad car. The antibody covers the driver Bloodhound's eyes, and he loses control of the car, crashing by the side of the road. Randy stops, and as he's a doctor, says he has to go help them, but Dave says if he does, they'll drive off without him. Randy tries to explain that the Hippocratic oath means he doesn't decide who to help, but he grudgingly drives off with the others. Steph agrees with him, but is too scared to say so.

Back inside the mobile home, Randy's antibody returns to him and Randy sees that it pulled the hunters from the car wreck and checked their vital signs, which sets his mind at ease, but not the others'.

Taking his pick-up, Dave drives Steph to her home, accompanied by Jeff. When Steph enters, her husband Chuck is shocked to see her. While he pretends to make tea, he calls the Clinic and informs on her, then goes back to her and stalls some more. As Dave and Jeff wait in the pick-up, the hunters approach in a car, and Vice Versa gets out to approach from the sidewalk while the two men approach in the car. When Jeff runs off to use the bathroom, the hunters pull up next to Dave and pretend to be asking for directions. Before Dave can realize it's them, Shrapnel fires his 'psychoplasm' into Dave's face, burning him, then shoot him with tranqs. Leaving Jeff to Vice Versa, Bloodhound and Shrapnel go in to the Harrington house.

Outside, Vice Versa uses her inertia-reversing power on Jeff, then shoots him with tranqs, apparently neutralizing him. Meanwhile, inside Steph sees the two hunters and realizes Chuck turned her in. Angry, Steph throws an armchair at the three men, and goes to escape, and when Shrapnel tries to stop her she throws him through the front door and escapes. On the sidewalk, Vice Versa approaches Jeff, but is surprised to see he caught the darts. When he tells her it's her turn, she instinctively uses her power, but he throws the darts away from her, meaning they hit her when she reverses their motion. Steph runs to Jeff and they return to the pick-up to find the sedated Dave. Moving him over on the seat, they drive away, as Bloodhound and Shrapnel realize they're in big trouble with the Clinic for failing three times to capture the DP7.

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