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In Northern Wisconsin, Mike Crawley had led Dave to an isolated cabin where he says they will find Scuzz, where he says Scuzz has become a member of a paranormal cult, the White Eventists. Dave bursts in and interrupts their meeting to take Scuzz away. Scuzz refuses to go, so Dave starts to carry him off before Scuzz starts to change into his "Scorcher" mode to burn him, but is ordered not to hurt a fellow paranormal by the group's leader, Milius. Milius says that Scuzz should go with Dave, to teach him the truth of their teachings, so Scuzz reluctantly goes with him, but is angry at Mike for leading him there. Dave starts to drive the two boys back to New York, and is puzzled by Scuzz's change in demeanor, as he sits praying as they drive. When the two boys fall asleep, Dave remembers driving Steph and her kids back to Wisconsin, and then finding Mike hiding in his van and asking him to save Scuzz.

Back in New York City, Randy is using his flying ability to work as a messenger. He waits for Charly to come out of a Broadway audition, using his antibodies to tell him when she emerges. He surprises her as she comes out and asks her why she's been avoiding him and, angered, she tells him the truth - since he got stuck inside one of his antibodies, he can't pass for normal anymore. She says that he rejected her romantically at the Clinic for being black, and now she's doing the same to him, and she reflects on the irony of the situation. As she walks off, Randy kicks himself for not realizing she would feel that way.

Dave takes the boys back to the apartment and Sponge is overjoyed to see him (having worried he would have stayed with Steph in Wisconsin). Scuzz asks Dave why he's ding this to him, and Dave says Scuzz isn't himself, but Scuzz says the Eventists have helped him find something to live for, and not be the mess he was before. Randy returns home and is surprised to see Scuzz, especially to see how changed he is. After dinner, Dave asks why Scuzz got involved with the cult, and Scuzz tells him abut the car crash he and the other DDTeens were in when they were escaping police after robbing a supermarket. He tells Dave two of the teens - Joel "Mothball" Larson and Annie "Quiver" Stevenson - were killed and the rest of them badly injured. Scuzz says he felt guilty and decided to end it all and throw himself off a bridge until Milius came along and talked him down, before bringing him into the fold of the Eventists. Dave says he understands some of what Scuzz is talking about (because of his own suicide attempt), but still distrusts religion.

In the morning, Dave goes to check on the boys, only to find Scuzz is gone, and he and Mike go out looking for him. Scuzz is on a street corner preaching in the Bowery. He's approached by some punks who tell him they dig what he's saying and ask if he can come and see a friend of theirs who they think is paranormal. Scuzz agrees, knowing that he's been told to spread the word. They take Scuzz into a rundown building, but Scuzz is shocked to see they've set up a makeshift torture chamber to torture paranormals they've lured in. They string Scuzz up with Hannah, a paranormal girl with a tail, and start to torture them. Scuzz at first wants to fight back, but the girl reminds him that the Lord will deliver them. As the punks are about to carve up Scuzz's back, Dave bursts in, and easily beats the punks down. Some of the grateful paranormals start to worship Dave as their savior, freaking him out. Dave asks why Scuzz didn't take the punks out with his incendiary "Scuzz-balls", but Scuzz points out the place is full of gas pipes and a boiler, and he would have caused a disaster if he had. Dave is surprised that the religious stuff has actually taught Scuzz some good judgment.

Outside, Merriam and Mike come running up to them, and Hannah asks Scuzz if he'll come and join her fellowship. Dave realizes he can't take Scuzz's happiness away, and says he can go, much to Mike's disgust. Scuzz leaves with Hannah, and Mike storms off, leaving Dave with Merriam. Merriam says she's glad that Dave's back and asks what happened with him and Steph. Dave says he knows he can't be with Steph, and he agrees that he and Merriam should try and make a go of things together (even though he knows he doesn't love her). The two of them walk off arm in arm.

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