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While having breakfast made in his apartment for him by Sponge, Dave is shocked to see a story about a paranormal who says he can cure other paranormals of their paranormalities. Dave is skeptical, but wonders whether he could finally be cured and whether it would make it easier to be with Steph. He dismisses the idea and opens the door to leave for work, only to find Steph standing there with her kids. She explains that life back in Sheboygan was impossible - no one would hire her for a job, her old friends shunned her for being a paranormal, and the kids were bullied at school. Making sure Steph sees that Dave is with her now, Sponge is embarrassingly affectionate with him in front of Steph.

Uptown, Charly leaves an unsuccessful Broadway audition. She sees a poster for a strip show performed by a woman who is obviously paranormal and briefly wonders whether she could do the same, only to quickly dismiss the idea as degrading. she hears a man calling her name, only to be greeted by a handsome man who introduces himself as John Mason, a fellow patient at the Clinic for Paranormal Research. She says she doesn't recognize him, but he says he checked in there after she left, and recognizes her from her picture in her file. He shows her the newspaper story about the Cure, and asks her out for lunch. Feeling like she knows him from somewhere, Charly accepts the date.

Downtown, Scuzz's White Eventists fellowship group gather for breakfast when one of their number bursts in brandishing the newspaper with the story about the Cure. The fellowship's leader tears it up, saying it's heresy and that their powers are a gift from God. The group start to argue amongst themselves, as Scuzz wonders whether if he had his power removed, he would be able to touch Hannah, the White Eventist girl he's fallen for.

Elsewhere in the city, Jenny flies through the air with Captain Manhattan, having helped him bust some crackhouses. He says he's discovered where the cure, William Wexler, is staying, and they decide to go and check him out. They break into Wexler's hotel room and fend off his security using the Captain's telekinetic powers, then tell him they doubt his claims of his power. He offers to cure them to prove it, but the Captain refuses. Jenny is tempted (so that she can be a normal woman again and have the Captain notice her as such instead of just his crimefighting partner), but doesn't say so. The two of them fly away, with Jenny still mulling over the idea.

Dave meets up with Randy and talks to him about his dilemma about being torn between Sponge and Steph. Randy thinks to himself that he's going to get the cure for his parability. Back in the apartment, Sponge confronts Steph and says that she wants her to leave because Dave is her man. A shaken Steph agrees to go.

In Central Park, Charly and 'John' walk and talk after their brunch date, and Charly invites him to the apartment that night to meet the others. John agrees, but thinks to himself that he'll be cutting it fine, time-wise.

In Grand Central Station, Scuzz and Hannah are handing out White Eventist pamphlets, Scuzz asks Hannah if it would so wrong of him to get the cure so that he can love and touch someone (meaning her). Hannah tells him it would be wrong and that his faith must be strong. She walks away and he angrily blows up a trashcan with one of his explosive "Scuzz-balls".

At the apartment, Jenny shouts at Sponge after hearing she sent Steph away. Charly shows up with John, and he's glad none of the others recognize him. Dave arrives, and hearing that Steph left, he rushes out to find her with Jenny following. Charly and John go out to dinner instead, and afterwards he tells her he had a great time but he can't see her again. He tells her he's not who he said he was - his real name is George Mullaney, better known to her as Mutator. Charly is repulsed to think she went on a date with Mutator, and tells him he should get the cure. He says intends to and thanks her for being so nice, leaving her crying on the street.

Dave finds Steph in a cheap hotel and he confesses his love for her, expecting her to say no, but she sparkles more brightly than ever and kisses him.

At a school the following morning, the Cure holds a rally to cure paranormals while White Eventists protest outside. Captain Manhattan watches from a rooftop, admitting to himself he fears the Cure taking away the one thing that makes him special. Inside, the Cure draws the first name out of the hat - it's Sponge, who goes up on stage and us cured. Dave and Steph are among the audience and Dave wonders if Steph would still love him if he was the skinny guy he used to be. Mutator is the next to be called, and is cured too. As he walks back up the aisle Charly thinks to herself that he doesn't look too bad, but he's no John Mason. Randy is soon called, and Dave wonders if their friendship will end once their paranormalities are gone.

On stage, Randy asks Wexler if it's possible to cure jsut part of his paranormality (the fact that he's stuck inside an antibody), but not the antibodies themselves, which he says he's become attached to. when he hears it's all or nothing, Randy refuses and flies out, and Steph and Dave follow, saying he needs them. Wexler asks if anyone else wants to leave, Charly does, but Jenny stays behind, mentally saying goodbye to the Captain. Outside in the hallway, the group hear Scuzz's name being called and are confused as to why Scuzz would want to be cured, as he's a White Eventist. On the stage, Scuzz says the Cure is a demon who should be burned, and starts to burn the Cure. There's a flash of light, like when the Cure uses his powers to cure someone, and the two fall down. The crowd, fearing that Scuzz has cost them the chance to be cured, start to riot, but Charly sticks them in place while Steph heals the Cure and Randy saves Scuzz from a security guard and flies him away.

Later, Randy tells the others he took Scuzz back to the White Eventists and they allowed him to stay as part of their group in honor of his sacrifice, despite the fact he's no longer a paranormal. Realizing there's little of their group left, Steph, Dave, Randy, Charly and Steph's kids walk off to go get ice cream.

Solicit Synopsis

Last issue special! The paranormal D.P.7 must make the toughest decision of their lives when a new paranormal calling himself The Cure offers to rid them of their paranormal powers.


In this issue, Dennis "Scuzz" Cuzinski, Merriam "Sponge" Sorenson, and George "Mutator" Mullaney are all cured of their paranormal powers. Jenny "Chrome" Swensen appears to be about to have her paranormality cured too, but it is later revealed she did not go through with it.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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