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Quote1.png Why I'm still hangin' around with these clowns I don't know. Quote2.png
Dennis "Scuzz" Cuzinski

Appearing in "Exorcism"

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  • Dave Landers' mobile home
  • School bus

Synopsis for "Exorcism"

Still on the run from the Clinic's hunters, the paranormals drive past a crashed school bus, and see the adults from it, including a Catholic priest and some nuns, helping the kids out of it. Stopping further down the road, the group debate whether to go back and help. The female paranormals decide not to – Steph because she thinks the kids will remind her too much of her own children, Lenore because her strange appearance would arouse suspicion, and Charly because she doesn't want to ruin her outfit – but the men choose to go and help, with the super-fast Jeff scouting the situation out first to make sure it isn't a Clinic trap.

Back in the mobile home, Steph asks Lenore to use her tranquilizing power on her to see if it will stop her own body's revitalizing sparkles, but Lenore's power just makes hers stronger in fighting off its effects.

Meanwhile, the men reach the crashed bus, and doctor Randy treats the victims, while Dave and Scuzz discreetly use their paranormal powers to free the trapped bus from the ditch it had rolled into. Feeling good about themselves, they return to the mobile home.

When they're underway again, Scuzz sits in the flatbed of the pick-up truck and finds a new use for his paranormality - if he spits some of his corrosive spit in his hand, rolls it up and throws it, he can create explosive "scuzz balls", much to his delight. Running alongside the pick-up, Jeff tries to be friendly toward Scuzz, but Scuzz is dismissive of him.

Jeff goes to phone his mother, who tells him of someone she thinks could help deal with his paranormality - a priest who specializes in exorcisms. Going back to the others, Jeff suggests the idea to them, but they argue amongst themselves. the others eventually agree to try, but Scuzz has been quiet. When Randy asks what he thinks, Scuzz angrily accuses the others of never caring about what he thinks, and he storms out. When Randy follows him and tries to apologize, Scuzz elbows him and Randy's anti-body instinctively comes out to protect him. Jeff, Dave and the anti-body all confront Scuzz, who starts throwing his "scuzz balls" around, burning a whole in the anti-body and scorching Dave's arm. Eventually, Lenore intervenes and she and Steph persuade the men to let Scuzz leave if he wants to. They drive off, leaving Scuzz walking away with a tear rolling down his cheek, but Jeff runs back and gives Scuzz his mother's phone number so he can contact them if he changes his mind. Jeff leaves, and Scuzz disintegrates the paper with the phone number on it, letting it blow away in the wind.

As the remaining six paranormals turn in for the night later, Steph makes them all pray together, though when they're alone, Dave and Randy admit they're each skeptical abut religion. The next day, the group meets Jeff's mother, who takes them to see Reverend Koehn, the priest. The six of them demonstrate their powers to him, and he is mystified, saying it doesn not feel like a case of possession. Nevertheless, he performs the exorcism rites on them, until Randy's anti-body flies out of him and causes havoc, flying through the priest's body and passing on its memories to him. Steph angrily shouts at Randy to keep his anti-body under control, but the priest tells them that it has become obvious that none of them is possessed, and that he cannot help them. As they leave, he tells them that God will grant them the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can change, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.

Solicit Synopsis

Can these seven displaced paranormals ever return to the normality of a mundane existence they so desperately desire? An exorcist believes they can but are D.P. 7 willing to pay the price?

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