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Appearing in "Revenge"

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  • Dave Landers' mobile home and pick-up truck
  • Dave Landers' Winnebago

Synopsis for "Revenge"

Philip Nolan Voigt briefs a group of freelance bounty hunters on the indentities and powers of the DP7 so they can bring them in, starting with Scuzz. He advises them to tackle the DP7 one at a time, as they are more dangerous as a group.

Somewhere in Wisconsin, Scuzz is outside a biker bar, Bean City, eyeing the motorbikes outside and wishing he could steal one. The bikers inside see him and go outside to threaten him. They attack him and he fights back, but despite scorching some of them with his acidic touch, they beat him unconscious.

Elsewhere, the rest of the DP7 relax in Dave's mobile home, but Randy is thinking about Scuzz and thinks they should find him. Steph gives Dave so that his uncle Art will be more likely to recognize him. Afterward, Dave and Steph talk about splitting the group up so they can go and get Steph's kids. Randy's antibody overhears, and Dave argues with Randy about the plan, as Randy wants to look for Scuzz.

They get to Dave's uncle's place, and Dave tells him he's sold his pick-up to Randy, so Uncle Art offers to trade Dave's mobile home for a Winnebago. Despite Randy's onjections, the group splits up - Dave, Steph, and Lenore go to pick up Steph's kids in the Winnebago, while Randy, Charly, and Jeff take the pick-up to go look for Scuzz.

In a hospital, Scuzz wakes up, and finds Mary Perzentka, a barmaid from the biker bar, sitting by his bed. She says she found him, and he says he has to get out of the hospital. She agrees to take him home with her. Meanwhile, Randy visits Scuzz's dad, posing as a Clinic operative, and finds Mr. Cuzinski is drunk and beligerent. Radny leaves a number with him, but tells the others he can see why Scuzz turned out how he did, and becomes more determined to find him.

Scuzz makes himself at home at Mary's, and over the next two weeks, they become close. One night, while watching a soap opera, Mary makes a pass at him, but when they kiss, her mouth gets burned by the acid in his saliva. She shouts at him that he's poison, and Scuzz leaves, realizing he can never be close to a woman with his power. Angry, he knows what he wants to do. He goes back to the bar, and when the bikers see him, they go outside to start a fight. Scuzz takes them on, and for the first time uses the full extent of his powers, combusting into his "Scorcher" mode, and throwing explosive "Scuzz-balls". He burns most of the bikers, and makes another give him the keys to his bike, before exploding the other bikes. Scuzz rides off, hoping to ignite the gas tank and go out in a blaze of glory, but his power starts to exhaust itself, leaving him riding the bike away naked as all his clothes burned off. Some of the freelance hunters watch him go, saying they hadn't been briefed on him being that powerful, but that they've contacted their colleages that he's heading toward them and will be nabbed soon...

Solicit Synopsis

Will D.P.7 do to themselves what the Clinic cannot? Unless D.P. 7 can resolve their differences with themselves, D.P. 7 will be no more! Plus: introducing the Sweat Shop— the meanest bunch of guys in the New Universe.


The ages, heights, and weights of the DP7 are confirmed when Voigt briefs the hunters about them.

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