Appearing in "Kidnapped"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Orville (farmer)
  • Emma (farmer's wife)
  • Bean City bar patrons




  • Scuzz's stolen Harley
  • Dave's Winnebago
  • Dave's pick-up truck

Synopsis for "Kidnapped"

After his run-in with a motorcycle gang, Scuzz rides a stolen motorcycle down a country road, all his clothes burned off from when he went into "Scorcher" mode. As he rides, he's seen by one of the Clinic hunters, who reports his position. Now freezing cold because he's naked, Scuzz pulls up at a farmhouse and breaks in, looking for clothes. He's caught by the farmer and his wife, who hold him at shotgun-point, but give him some overalls to wear. He tells them he was robbed by a gang, but they don't believe him. The farmer says he's calling the police, so Scuzz makes a run for it, bargaining that the farmer won't shoot a kid. Scuzz runs to the bike, but the keys are missing - one of the hunters gets his attention and dangles them so he can see them, then shoots Scuzz with a tranq dart. The hunters load Scuzz into a car, telling the farmer they're police.

In Sheboygan, Steph, Dave, and Lenore wait in their Winnebago outside Steph's son's school so they can snatch him away from his father. Once they get him inside, Steph finds that Chuck has been poisoning their minds against her, and that the kids are staying at his mom's house. Once they get to the grandma's house, Steph and Lenore go inside, leaving Dave outside. Steph tells Mrs Harrington she's taking the kids, and when the old lady objects, Steph has Lenore tranquilize her. Steph has the kids grab their things, but the kids are scared of Lenore, thinking she's a witch. Some more Clinic hunters drive past Dave, but don't make a move.

Elsewhere, Randy makes enquiries about Scuzz at the bar where he took on the bikers. Jeff and Charly wait in the pick up and Charly tells Jeff she's thinking of giving up life on the run and going back to school. Randy returns and says they're going to the burns unit to talk to the bikers.

In Sheboygan, Dave sees Steph's husband Chuck pull up and heads him off before he can go inside. Dave pretends to be from the Clinic, but an argument starts, and Chuck breaks a baseball bat over his head. Dave grabs him and throws him up on the roof, and when he falls he hits his car on the way down. Steph comes out and is shocked by what she sees. She decides she can't heal Chuck as his bones would heal crookedly, but heals Dave. Going inside, she sees Lenore has tranked her kids and is angry before she realizes she did it to spare them seeing their father hurt. They call an ambulance for Chuck and take the kids and leave after Lenore convinces her they have to go.

Randy steals a doctor's coat and talks to the burned bikers in the burns unit, while Jeff and Charly wait in the parking lot. Jeff goes inside to use a phone leaving Charly alone, not realizing some hunters are staking them out. One of the hunters pretends to be asking for directions before shooting Charly with tranqs. When Jeff returns, Charly is gone and the hunters drive off with her, having put a wig, a different jacket and a mask on her so she's not recognizable. Randy comes back out and is angry that now two of them are missing, while Jeff feels guilty.

Steph wakes the kids up and they are upset, thinking Steph is a witch and Dave a monster. Steph promises them their father will be okay. Steph makes Dave stop and get some take-out for the kids while she phones the hospital. Steph tells Dave they have to go to the hospital so she can heal Chuck and guilts him into it by reminding him he's the one who injured him. Dave reluctantly agrees. At the hospital, Steph heals the unconscious Chuck and silently wishes him goodbye. She gets into an elevator afterward, not realizing the orderly and wheelchair-bound patient inside are actually Clinic hunters. When the elevator doors open again, a tranked-up Steph is now in the wheelchair and the hunters take her away.

Solicit Synopsis

The D.P. 7 group finds itself dangerously divided. One group wants to track down their friend, Scuzz. The other wants to attempt a kidnapping! And while they argue, the bounty-goaded Headhunters are closing in.

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