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Other Characters:

  • Nurse
  • Hospital security guards
  • Chuck Harrington
  • Cops
  • Helen Harrington's neighbors




  • Dave's pick-up truck
  • Dave's Winnebago

Synopsis for "The Hunt"

Dave is in a hospital parking lot shouting for Steph, not knowing that she's been captured by the Clinic's headhunters while visiting her estranged husband to heal him. He goes back to his Winnebago, where Lenore is trying to keep Steph's kids calm. Dave goes back out to search while Lenore uses her tranquilizing power on the kids to make them go to sleep. She feels invigorated by the life energy she takes from them, but is then shocked at herself for it. Inside the hospital, Dave pressures the receptionist to tell him which room Steph's husband is in. She tells him, but alerts security, who Dave fights off. When some cops show up, Dave throws the security guards at them and escapes through a window. He runs to the Winnebago and drives off in a hurry. Out back, the headhunters carry Steph to their car, and hear from their other team that Charly has also been captured.

At another hospital elsewhere in Wisconsin, Randy and Jeff are worrying about where the captured Charly is. Randy sends his antibody out to search for her. At the Clinic, Tracy Speck spies through their eyes and reports their whereabouts to the headhunters.

Dave and Lenore reluctantly decide they'll have to take the kids back to their grandmother's house. They break in, to find the house empty. As they can't leave the kids there alone, Dave finds the number of a family friend and calls her to come over. While he's on the phone a nosy neighbor sees him and calls the cops.

Randy and Jeff stop at a gas station, but when Randy goes to use the phone he takes Jeff with him, not wanting to separate. The hunters following them are frustrated as they want to pick them off one by one. While Randy and Jeff are inside, they shoot one of their tires, then one of them goes inside and tells Randy he has a flat. As Randy starts to change it, he gets suspicious about the guy and asks Jeff to check his car out. Jeff sees other men with guns inside and realizes they're hunters. He grabs Randy and runs off with him.

At the Harrington house, Dave and Lenore see cops pulling up outside and try to go out the back way, only to find the house is surrounded. Lenore has an idea, and sends Dave down to the basement. Lenore pretends to be tied to a chair, and when two cops come in, she tricks them into taking her mask off and tranquilizing themselves. She lures in and tranquilizes two more cops before she and Dave decide on a change of tactics. They emerge from the house, hands up and with Lenore's wig covering her face. The police outside hold them at gunpoint, and Lenore suddenly lifts her head, tranquilizing the cops and some rubber-necking neighbors. However, one cop is behind them and out of range, so Lenore turns and affects him too. Dave and Lenore run to the Winnebago and drive off, not realizing two Clinic hunters are hiding in the back.

Meanwhile, Jeff is carrying Randy with the other group of hunters following them, but Jeff is slowed down by Randy's weight. Randy tells him to drop him so at least one of them can escape. Jeff reluctantly does so, but decides he'll take down the hunters so Randy can get away. Jeff takes down four of them, but his metabolism is low and he's slowing down. Randy reaches a farm, but a hunter hiding there shoots him just after an antibody hand comes out of his back. Randy is knocked out. Jeff is exhausted, and shouts out to Randy, but the hunter hears him and tranqs him too.

In the Winnebago, Dave and Lenore are shot with tranqs too by the hunters hiding there. Lenore is unconscious, but Dave jumps out and makes a run for it. He hides around a corner and considers trying to save Lenore, but realizes he'd be caught too. Feeling like a coward, he runs away, while the hunters load Lenore into a car, hearing from their colleagues that they now have six of the seven escapees...

Solicit Synopsis

The Clinic catches D.P. 7 And for those displaced paranormals, the Clinic has vowed there will be no escape!


At the end of this issue, Dave Landers is the only member of the DP7 who has not been captured by the Clinic's hunters

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