Daak was the warden of a classified Shi'ar galactic gulag located in deep space far away from any sentient life. This prison was constructed and reserved to hold the most dangerous prisoners in the universe. Warden Daak's job also consisted of mentally breaking his prisoners to ensure they wouldn't pose a threat if they ever escaped.

Following his arrest at the hands of the Imperial Guard, Thanos was imprisoned at the gulag overseen by Daak. The Mad Titan had been struck with a fatal illness, and remained agonizing in his cell. Daak decided to mock Thanos for his predicament, and disabled the force field surrounding the fallen Mad Titan in the process. As it turned out, while still fatally sick, Thanos had been faking the severity of his affliction. The Mad Titan caught Daak off-guard and tore of his arm in order to use his hand to open the cell's door. Daak was left behind agonizing.[1]

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