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An alien that speaks the same language as Doop that was found by Polaris in space.

Daap came to Earth, crashing in Costa Rica in close proximity to Polaris and Havok, and proceeded to attack Havok continuously. Eventually he was tried to destroy him, causing him to encapsulate both the Leper Queen and Polaris within himself and shoot off into space.

The two women were quickly (in the instant) captured by Apocalypse's ship while Daap was rejected into the nature.[1]


Possibly those of Doop (Earth-616)#Powers. He has displayed those :

  • Psionic Blast: Doop could fire psionic blasts of unknown strength. It was able to project Havok on a tree and knocking him down.
  • Cohesion: Doop could change his size and shape at will. He could also shift his form to "heal" wounds. When dispersed, parts of his body could reassemble themselves. For some reason, parts of his brain could not reassemble, possibly because of a redundant brain in his lower torso. After a strong energy blast from Havok, it was able to restructure itself and to leave in a gel aspect, carrying two humans.

Strangely, Polaris was kind of attracted by him at the two occasions she met him, while Havok showed extreme defiance and strong violence (even forgetting the attack of the Leper Queen) after being assaulted. This would evocated possible empathic or telepathic powers.

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