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Daarroh was an Inheritor who traveled to Earth through a doorway from a dark place and given a cybernetic body to possess from Naamurah in order to help her overrun the city and eliminate the Spider-Man of this world.

Daarroh and Spider-Man

Daarroh was confronted by Spider-Man after he tried to make off with another abductee. Both of them fought until Aaron was able to grab the girl and spun a web to safely put her on. As they kept going at it, Daarroh ended up getting webbed by Spider-Man's web-shooters. As he faced the hooded assailant, he realized it wasn't Naamurah but one of the abductees. Daarroh introduced himself and said that there were many more like him and that this was only the beginning. As Daarroh figured that Aaron was "one who let the spider in" (a Spider-Totem), he left him with a warning that all mankind was doomed before leaving his host.[1]

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