Dadingra Ummon Turru was the Crown Prince of the royal family of the Hidden City. Along with his third sister Yabbat, he used the Great Key, a gift from the Ivory Kings (Sinnu Sarrum) to open the doors of a "library of worlds", seemingly a Nexus of realities, hoping everyday for the arrival of the "Great Ladies", mythical reality travelers.

Dadingra Ummon Turru (Earth-1365) and Yabbat Ummon Turru (Earth-1365) from New Avengers Vol 3 5 0003

Yabbat taking the Key

One day, their world experienced an incursion, an impending collision with another planet Earth. The Black Priests descended upon the Hidden City from their own planet, and all where killed except for Yabbat who took the Great Key from Dadingra's dead body, and unlocked the door of the Library of Worlds, finding there the Great Ladies, the Black Swans, who raised her to become one of them.[1]


Formerly the Great Key

Dadingra appears to suffer from the only-epidermic form of the albinism, as does his sister.

Dadingra's first appearance shows he had five siblings. Four sisters and a brother. It is known his sister Yabbat is the third oldest of the sisters.[1]

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