The mobster known as the Dagger was active during the 1940s. By 1944 he was operating a lucrative operation selling black market produce during a period of war rationing. He operated from a camouflaged warehouse located outside of Happy Corner, New York. He would send his men to local farms and threaten the local farmers to sell his produce at his prices or risk having their crops and livestock killed with pesticides.

The Dagger's activities attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro who began working at one of the local farms as field workers as a cover for their investigation. When one of the local farmers was gunned down in cold blood, the Torch and Toro chased after the mobsters as they got away, forcing the car to crash. Finding a survivor in the wreckage, the Torch and Toro learned the location of the Dagger's hideout.

When the two flaming heroes arrived, they incapacitated the Dagger's shipping trucks and chased the elderly crook into his warehouse. There the Dagger filled the warehouse with his pesticide which not only snuffed out the two heroes flames but also threatened to kill them if they did not get out into the fresh air. The Dagger then attempted to escape with all his ill gotten fortune, but his car was incapacitated by the Torch and Toro and he was taken into police custody.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


The Dagger used a pesticide that could kill plants and livestock. It also was able to snuff out the flame powers of the Human Torch and Toro.

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