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Dai Kumo was a Yakuza crime lord from Osaka, Japan. The oyabun wore the symbol of his clan where all could see, tattooed on his forehead. He devised a plan for distribution of a new drug called "Zap" or "Thunderbolt", using the brains of an endangered species of monkey from the island of Madripoor. After buying off the local prince and crime lords, Dai Kumo believed his only remaining threat was a local bar owner named Patch. Twenty Yakuza soldiers failed to kill Patch at the Princess Bar, prompting Dai Kumo's personal assassin Goro to oversee the final strike. Goro drove a sword through Patch's chest, and took a polaroid of the "dead man" as proof for his boss.

Patch wasn't dead. Secretly the mutant hero Wolverine, Patch made his way to Japan and survived being buried alive before confronting Dai Kumo and his backers. In the end, Dai Kumo was killed by one of his underlings, the girl named Reiko, in order to secure her freedom from the Yakuza.[1]

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