Agent Dai Thomas worked for the British chapter of S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside his partner, Agent Betsy Braddock. The pair were sent to Muir Island after the psychotic, reality-shaping mutant David Xavier escaped[1]. Thomas and Braddock accompanied The X-Men to Aberdeen on the trail of David, which lead to a bloody confrontation outside of a Burger King. During the ensuing fight, David jumped from his current host to the body of the X-Man Wolverine. The X-Men fought their own until Agent Braddock assaulted Wolverine/David with a psychic grenade. Wolverine jumped out of the way into the path of an oncoming truck forcing David to abandon this host into Agent Braddock, where he lay dormant for a while[2]. When Professor Charles Xavier confronted David in the body of Agent Braddock, he confessed that he killed Agent Thomas when the X-Men were distracted[3].

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