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Toward the end of the superhero Civil War, Sally Floyd quit the Alternative and joined with Ben Urich, who left the Daily Bugle, to create a truly independent newspaper. When it almost failed, a mysterious benefactor (in fact J. Jonah Jameson) bought out the Alternative and handed it over to Ben Urich, who renamed it Front Line and became its editor-in-chief. Sally Floyd became its lead reporter.[1]

Daily Bugle (Front Line) (Earth-616) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 16 001


Dexter Bennett bought the Daily Bugle off of Jameson while Jameson was ill. After buying the Bugle, Bennett renamed it as The DB! and transformed it into a scandal sheet. This led Peter Parker, Robbie Robertson, and many others who worked at the Daily Bugle to leave The DB! and move to Front Line, especially after the DB! Building was destroyed by Electro and Bennett didn't even bother to rebuild it.[2]

Sometime after, Marla Jameson was able to buy back the Daily Bugle's shares from Bennett, and Jameson gave the money to Robertson to remake Front Line into the new Daily Bugle.[3]


  • According to Norah Winters, though the journalists at the Bugle are implored to be fair-minded and impartial, they are notably a "lefty rag" or leftist sensationalist or tabloid newspaper.[4]

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