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Synopsis for ""Front Page""

An informant has told Ben Urich to go to the Food Factory where he and Angela Yin see various mobsters enter. Once inside the mobsters talk about forming a crime cartel but recognise that Urich is from the Daily Bugle.[1] With his cover blown Urich races for the car screaming to Yin to start it so they can make a quick getaway.[2]
Back at the Bugle Charlie Snow is showing the offices to a tour group. Joe Robertson wants Betty Brant to do an interview with Tommy Fude, the owner of the food factory, while Ken Ellis gets a tip-off from a man who believes that aliens are entering the country illegally.[3]

Solicit Synopsis

Getting down to the nitty gritty of newspaper reporting in the Marvel Universe! Ben Urich becomes a target of the mob, Betty Brant and Peter Parker get involved in a murder, and J. Jonah Jameson faces a moral dilemma!


  • Peter Parker is on the cover but not featured in this issue.

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