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Daimon Helstrom was a son of Victoria Helstrom and a demon possessing a human body. Like his sister, he inherited her father's nature and his abilities although she wouldn't learn until his true nature until later in life. His father became a serial killer, who frequently went on "business trips" to torture and kill young women. Eventually, he kidnapped Ana and took her with him, leaving Daimon and his mother alone. Over time, Victoria's mental state deteriorated and Daimon was left with no choice but to commit her into Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where thanks to his father's mark the demon Kthara was able to enter her body and inhabit it for over twenty years. Although his sister was eventually found, Damon was separated from her again when Ana was put into the foster care system while Daimon was kept at Saint Teresa's, where he grew being looked over by Louise Hastings.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telekinesis: Like all demons, Daimon has the power of telekinesis.[1]
  • Pyrokinesis: Daimon has the ability to both summon fire and to manipulate existing fire, such as walking though it unharmed.[2][3]
  • Excorcism: Daimon has the power to banish demons from their human hosts with a touch.[3]
  • Healing Factor: Daimon recovers from injuries faster than regular humans do. The only permanent scar on his body is the one left by his father's special weapon.


  • Tom Austen portrayed Daimon Helstrom in the Hulu series Helstrom while Nolan Hupp portrayed young Daimon.

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