Daka is the uncle of Namor the Sub-Mariner. During one of Namor's lengthier absences from Atlantis in 1941, Daka took over the kingdom turning most of the population against him. Those who remained loyal to Namor (such as his mother Fen and cousin Lady Dorma) were locked away in prison. Daka formed an alliance with the Seal People and the Nazis. They mobilized an invasion force to attack Argentina, the first phase in their plan to invade South America and then North America.

When Namor eventually returned to Atlantis, he was arrested and locked up, but later freed by Lady Dorma. Freeing the other captives, Namor learned of Daka's plans and lead a counter attack with an army of loyalists. During the fight, Namor confronted Daka and Lonu-Ne (Emperor of the Seal People) and turned them over to the Argentinian military they were attacking.[1]

Daka's fate following his capture is unknown.


Daka has traits that are common to Atlanteans such as the ability to breath under water, the ability to withstand the oceans temperature, deep water pressures, as well as seek in the murky depths. He can breath on the surface for a short period of time, the limitations of which are unknown, however they likely typical of the average Atlanean.


Daka is trained in Atlantean military technique circa the 1940's.


Daka cannot survive on the surface unaided for a prolonged period of time.


Daka had access to Atlantean warships and air-subs.


Daka had access to the various weapons available to the Atlantean army in the 1940's.

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