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Quote1.png Y'know, kid, it's kinda funny. You wanna be powerful, be feared. But we both know that, really, people are always gonna be more scared of me. And that's why you do it, right? Why you're playing at being the master criminal. 'cause you know I'm the real deal and you are not. And that you'll never, ever be me. You're just a cheap-ass copy. Quote2.png
Moon Knight

Appearing in "Moonwalk: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Moonwalk: Part 2"

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  • Daken's battle with MOON KNIGHT concludes. When Daken came to Los Angeles he believed that the position of West Coast Kingpin was there for the taking. But the City Of Angels has a new crime lord, the 'Claws' serial killer continues to cause carnage in the dark areas of the Hollywood Hills and the Heat drug's grip on Daken is growing daily, scarring his mind and body.
  • The perfect time, then, for Daken to find himself battling the Avenger with multiple personalities, Moon Knight. Can they discover who the new King of Los Angeles crime is? And will Daken's mind survive the experience?

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