Dale Sturm studied in the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. After graduating, he soon became one of the agency's top operatives.[1]

In 1940, he was assigned to hunt down and capture Red Corker, a notorious killer and criminal overlord who managed to escape from prison. Tracking the criminal to San Francisco, Dale was taken at gunpoint and was to be brought Red Corker to be eliminated. He was able to force the car off the road, however, and reports claimed him dead. Dale used this ruse to trick Corker into slipping up when Corker kidnapped the daughter of oil magnate George Dean.

Scouting the San Francisco area in a plane, Dale located Corker and his men in the abandoned Dream Island area. He shot Red down, and his men were soon apprehended. His mission a success, Dale was congratulated by J. Edgar Hoover himself.[2]

Afterwards, Dale continued his FBI duties.[1] His subsequent activities, however, are unrevealed.


Dale Sturm has no superpowers.


Dale is well versed in criminal and civil law and enforcement operations, specializing in subversion and espionage. He is an expert pilot and marksman, and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.[1]


Dale carries an FBI issue pistol and is specialized in the .38 Harrington & Richardson[1] caliber pistol.

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