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The Daleks were mutants genetically engineered by the Kaled scientist Davros. [1] Their goal was to exterminate all other life forms, and waged a strategic war across the universe. They were frequently encountered, and defeated, by the Time Lord known as the Doctor.

While usually inhabitants of the 5556 Continuum, exclusively, a Dalek turned up in the Baxter Building of Realy-8910 as part of an immense waiting line of beings wishing to speak to Reed Richards. While in line, it evidently accosted Kitty Pryde and Alistaire Stuart; Kitty threatened to "exterminate" it if the Dalek tried anything, while Stuart insisted they hadn't met before. It is unknown if this was a dimensionally misplaced Dalek, or another creation of the Impossible Man like most of that Earth's inhabitants.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Levitation; death rays


  • Alistair Stuart was an homage to Doctor Who, hence the Dalek's ill-willed interest in him.

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