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Early Life

Training with her father

Dallas's paternal grandfather was a cop and then a soldier in World War II. He stayed behind in Europe after the war and his son was left without a paternal role model after he mysteriously died. He grew up to become an officer in the New York City Police Department and he pushed Dallas towards physical perfection, as well as training her in the use of firearms.[6]

Meeting Thunderbolts

Dallas chose to become an NYPD officer like her father, before going into politics and becoming the aide to the New York Mayor, a decision that devastated her father.[7][6] When the Thunderbolts appeared on the scene after the disappearances of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, the mayor wanted to take advantage of the Thunderbolts publicity and chose to appoint Dallas as the liaison between his office and the new team of "heroes".[8] Dallas would warn the team of threats that needed their assistance and even vouched for the team to be given the same security clearance that the Fantastic Four and the Avengers had enjoyed, although unbeknownst to her (and the world) her new associates were actually super-villains in disguise, plotting to use their new found publicity to take over the world.[9]

Dallas quickly began a flirtation with Thunderbolt member Atlas[10][7] and the two were dating when the group was exposed as villains.[11] When Zemo made an attempt to take over the world, the rest of the Thunderbolts had little choice but to join, which led Dallas to feel betrayed by Erik.[11] To make things worse, the mayor chose to blame Dallas for leading him astray and promptly fired her,[12] leading Dallas to pursue a personal vendetta against the Thunderbolts.[13][14]

Joining V-Battalion

Dallas Riordan as Citizen V

Dallas was approached by Roger Aubrey of the V-Battalion and was offered the role of Citizen V.[6] As Citizen V, she fought Baron Zemo[2] and then went after the Thunderbolts.[14] However, they were protecting a small town from the Masters of Evil, so she decided to exceptionally join forces with them. Thanks to her, the town was saved, but she was capture by the Crimson Cowl.[14][6]

When the Thunderbolts came after the Masters of Evil, they were oblivious to who the Crimson Cowl was, so Justine used the cowl to swap places with Dallas and make the world believe she was the true leader of the Masters of Evil.[3][6] Dallas was arrested but was quickly broken from prison by the V-Battalion.[15][16] She soon tried to track down the Crimson Cowl but instead found herself fighting the Elite (Imperial Forces of America) (who were ironically, but unknown to her, funded by Baron Zemo).[17] After a few more missions with the V-Battalion, Dallas was ordered to assassinate Henry Peter Gyrich (who would become her co-worker in the Commission on Superhuman Activities several years later) because Gyrich and the CSA had been compromised by the nanite conspiracy spearheaded by Baron Strucker of Hydra.[citation needed] Dallas refused and the V-Battalion sent their operatives to stop her from informing the Thunderbolts of their plans.[18]

Paralysis & Empowerment

Paralyzed in bed

When Dallas returned to the United States, she tried to get help from the Thunderbolts but a battle broke out between the two groups and Dallas vanished in battle, kidnapped again by the Crimson Cowl.[19] Dallas wound up in a prison base on the border of Symkaria and Latveria. She managed to find a means of escape but chose to confront the Cowl instead. The battle ended with her falling off a bridge and into a river.[20] Dallas washed up in Latveria (the country led by Doctor Doom) with her back crushed.[21] Left wheelchair-bound, Dallas soon began to get visitations from her ex-boyfriend Erik (who had recently sacrificed himself to save a city).[22] Eventually, Dallas was freed from Latveria by the Redeemers, at which point she came back to the United States (and presumably her criminal record as the Cowl was expunged). The Thunderbolts, who had previously disbanded, reunited during a battle with Graviton. Dallas reasoned that the ionic-powered Erik's visitations were similar to Wonder Man's visitations of the Scarlet Witch, who he used as an emotional anchor to tie him to the world after he had been killed. Erik didn't have a body to come back to and instead channeled his ionic energy into Dallas. In their ionic state, Dallas's body could walk and had various superpowers. Atlas rejoined the Thunderbolts to fight Graviton but after the battle, Erik and Dallas found themselves and their teammates marooned on Counter Earth.[citation needed]

When they returned, the ionic energy recreated a powerless Erik Josten while Dallas retained a portion of the ionic energy. Thanks to the efforts of Fixer, Erik became Atlas again when he was blasted with Pym Particles.[23]

Dallas joined the Thunderbolts as Vantage and chose to remain on the team to watch Zemo, who she could not trust. Eventually Helmut was scarred by a deranged Moonstone when trying to save Captain America. The Thunderbolts briefly disbanded and Erik asked Hank Pym to strip him of his new powers. Dallas and Erik broke up and Dallas took a job working for homeland security. Erik soon rejoined the Thunderbolts despite being powerless. After an encounter with Genis-Vell, Erik became enraged and tapped into his ionic powers which somehow left Dallas paralyzed again.[citation needed]

Agent of the CSA

Dallas became a full time member of the CSA and even helped organize a battle between the Thunderbolts and the New Avengers. Dallas and the CSA were working with Zemo to save the world from Grandmaster and the enactment of the Guardian Protocols. Dallas did not trust Helmut, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Altered again by the Wellspring, during a battle against the Grandmaster in which he had to surrender his powers temporarily to Zemo, Josten was left stuck in a giant form, too heavy even to move and communicate. However he was able to send back some ionic energy to Dallas, restoring her legs. Dallas was later part of a senate subcommittee that interviewed Norman Osborn, she felt that Norman Osborn's success leading the Thunderbolts validated the CSA's appointment of him as leader. Norman disagreed and accused the CSA of being compromised by the Skrull Invasion and that some of their members were human collaborators.[citation needed]


Power Grid[27]
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Due to ionic energy received from Atlas, Riordan regained the use of her legs and seemed to possess superhuman strength, durability, endurance, agility and reflexes.[24]

During the time of their bonding, Riordan could turn herself into an ionic form resembling Erik Josten's from the time he was under the control of Count Nefaria.[25] She/They demonstrated Atlas's powers such as ionic strength, invulnerability, flight, and increasing size.[26]


Dallas is an exceptional acrobat, martial artist, and swordswoman; she is trained in detective work and weapons expertise, and is a reasonably skilled sketch artist.


Has at times been paralyzed and needed to use a wheelchair.



Staff, police issue sidearm.


Wheelchair, V-Battalion and Thunderbolts transports.

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