The man known as the Shocker was a scientist who was obsessed with electric eels. From a secret lab hidden in an abandoned sewer tunnel he bred a pair of massive electric eels. By his own accounts, he began exposing himself to their shocks and eventually his body adapted an immunity to them and he gained the ability to produce electricity on his own.

With his new power, the Shocker then began robbing banks, using his electricity to kill anyone who stood in his way. His first robbery was observed by Madeline Joyce who pursued him in her costumed identity of Miss America, but the Shocker managed to escape by diving into New York Harbor and escaping through his secret tunnel. During a second robbery, the Shocker once more eluded Miss America by diving into the harbor. When she attempted to follow after him under water, he unleashed his electrical powers forcing her to retreat out of the water.

Eventually, Miss America learned about the abandoned tunnel and followed it to the Shocker's secret lab. There, the Shocker revealed how he gained his powers and then attacked, hoping to kill the heroine. Flying out of range in the rooms high ceiling, Miss America pretended to knock herself out by flying into the ceiling of the room. When the Shocker approached her, she attacked and began hitting him before he had a chance to shock her. The blows sent the Shocker reeling into his massive fish tank containing two giant eels and he was devoured by his creations. Later the authorities gassed the tunnels to kill the eels.[2]


Electrokinesis: The Shocker was able to generate a sufficient electrical charge that could electrocute a grown man to death. He may have also been amphibious or was capable of holding his breath for an extended period of time. He was immune to his own electrical shocks.


The Shocker was a brilliant scientist.


The Shocker biologically engineered two massive electric eels which carried lethal electrical charges.

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