Dalton worked for Silvermane and his son Joe Silvermane's criminal empire as part of Heavy Mettle acting as an enforcer and arsonist. Dalton's father was a firefighter and he took after him by going into the family business, primarily working as an arson investigator which allowed him to cover up his own arsonist activities on his criminal employer's behalf. Joe Silvermane wanted Mickey Musashi's Turbo Suit so he could reverse engineer it for use by Heavy Mettle. Dalton was charged with getting close to Mickey and the two began to date, when she finally took off the suit in front of him Dalton was unable to kill her and steal it and instead turned against his employer and helped Mickey and the New Warriors defeat Heavy Mettle. Dalton then gave evidence against Joe Silvermane and went into witness protection.[2]


Utilizes a special suit that enables him to release blasts of fire. Also has an air system that enables him to take the suit underwater.

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