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Little was known about Damian Tryp apart from that he ran Singularity Investigations, which was in direct competition with Madrox's X-Factor Investigations and his encounters with Madrox's team. He was also one of the few mutants that kept their superhuman powers after the M-Day, although it discovered that he might not have been a mutant, but a genetic throwback to an earlier time, i.e., a "changeling", a predecessor to mutants who developed powers at birth. Tryp’s mutation enabled him to live for a very long time, as evidenced by him being alive in the 12th-century Wales. He was also able to move through time in a similar fashion to Quicksilver, which enabled him to bring together himself at three different times.

Damian Tryp also seemed to be involved in Jamie Madrox’s past. When Jamie was born, the doctor’s slap caused him to multiply into two identical babies, which was rather shocking to both his parents and the doctor. Professor Charles Xavier, a friend of the Madrox family, suggested that they move to Kansas to raise the boy in privacy with the possibility of the boy to be later taught at Professor X’s school for the gifted youngsters. However, when Madrox was still young, Tryp also made his own offer to look after Jamie, claming that Jamie was also a "changeling" like him. Jamie's parents, however, refused to give Jamie to Tryp, who proceeded to create a freak tornado that killed Jamie’s parents.

The all out conflict between Tryp's Singularity Investigations and X-Factor Investigations began after the youngest version of Tryp badly beat Siryn (after shooting her in the neck with a dart that prevented her from using her powers) and left her for dead. Siryn, as part of her duties for X-Factor Investigations, was investigating a murder of the woman who died in Jack Vaughn’s pent house (a movie star) under suspicious circumstances. Jack Vaughn claimed that the woman was killed by her sister, Gloria Santiago, who was upset about the relationship (claiming that Jack was “no good” for her sister), and that all he was trying to do was wrestle the gun away from her. The sister thus hired X-Factor Investigations to help her clear her name and bring Jack to justice. Singularity Investigations was representing Jack Vaughn with Tryp, Junior (i.e., the youngest version) as the defense counsel. Siryn and X-Factor Investigations managed to incriminate Vaughn and to thwart SI’s assassination attempt on Rictor. Tryp, Junior was so infuriated by this that he ambushed Siryn and beat her almost to death, leaving her to die in an alley.

Madrox and Strong Guy gave Tryp a very public warning as Tryp was jogging in the park. They told Tryp that they knew that it was him who hurt Siryn, and while they would not hurt him in broad daylight, he should watch his back. Tryp, Junior and Tryp, Senior made Madrox an offer to join their firm, at which Madrox laughed.

Tryp and his company wer exposed for having been working on a new version of the legacy virus. When a former Singularity employee came to the X-Factor Investigations and related that Tryp was attempting to restart the Legacy Virus, the plague that killed thousands of mutants, including, briefly, Madrox himself. Strong Guy was sent to drive the man to safety but once they were alone, Strong Guy killed him and called Tryp to report. It was later discovered that Tryp had placed a hypnotic suggestion in Strong Guy’s head to turn him into a sleeper agent. According to the oldest version of Tryp (ancient), all of Singularity Investigations efforts to create the Legacy Virus had been to prevent a possible future in which X-Factor managed to undo the Decimation, but as a result, humanity was wiped out by the re-powered mutants in a bloody conflict. As such, X-Factor Investigations' new goal was to undo Decimation, but prevent the conflict Tryp predicted.

Due to one of the Madrox's dupes blowing up the SI building, apparently killing Tryp, Junior and Tryp, Senior (i.e., the middle-aged version), only the ancient Tryp was still alive, i.e., the one who has been alive the longest and had seen the grim future.

After the destruction of Singularity Industries, the present form of Damian Tryp (the elder/ancient) revealed to Layla that her very existence had foiled his plans — she was a force of chaos like he was. Tryp also revealed that when he came into conflict with Layla, terrible events occured as a result. Following her encounter with Tryp, Layla appeared genuinely shocked for the first time: the glass of milk she was pouring overflowed, spilling onto the floor.


Damien's powers are tied to the planet's elemental state, allowing him to augment his strength, create and direct winds, manipulate minds, and exist simultaneously at multiple points in his lifetime, skipping through time. His powers also provide him with teleportation, intangibility, and duplication. He can erase memories. He has longer life span than normal humans, though he has been shown as an old man, so he does age and is not immortal.

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