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Damocles Base is an immense sword-shaped orbiting headquarters that Kang used as a base for attacking Earth.[1]

Damocles Base was destroyed when it sank into Earth's atmosphere.[2]

Alternate Realities[]

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Earth-8096)[]

Avengers Micro Episodes Captain America Season 1 4

Damocles Base was Kang's time warship. Kang used it to travel through time, and to different planets to conquer them in case his future gets wiped out.[3] It was used by Kang to bring forth his massive armies of Scarabs into the 21st Century to begin his conquest of Earth.[4] The Avengers, however, infiltrated his ship and put an end to the invasion once and for all.[5][6] S.H.I.E.L.D. later occupied the Damocles and used it for their new space headquarters besides the Helicarrier. It is now the headquarters of S.W.O.R.D., an organization that deals with various extraterrestrial threats.[7] It was destroyed during the Skrull Invasion. Its remains were floating in space after the post-Skrull invasion.[8][9]

LEGO Marvel Universe (Earth-13122)[]

Damocles Base from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 001

Damocles Base was Kang the Conqueror's main attack vessel who headed Kang's attacks on various locations in time. It was equipped with a beam that could remove locations in time and move them to his city of Chronopolis. To stop Kang, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord board Damocles Base to bring it down. However, Kang purposely plummeted Damocles Base to kill the heroes while they were kept busy by Korvac. The heroes manage to defeat Korvac and escaped Damocles Base before it crashes. After the heroes of Chronopolis defeat Kang, he used the Forever Crystal to render them unconscious except for Captain America who he considered a worthy foe. Kang then created a giant hologram of himself and used Damocles Base as a sword. Kang fought Captain America who made a hologram as well and defeated the conqueror.[10]

Pirate Timeline 20208-Manticore-Green (Earth-20208)[]

Damocles Base from Timeless Vol 1 1 001

On Earth-20208, Damocles Base was abandoned by Kang the Conqueror and left behind to rot. After the timeline was cut off from the main timeline by Immortus and banished to the Null-Time Zone, Reed Richards used Damocles Base as his base as he attempted to save his time from entroptic death.[11]

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