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The Damocles Foundation is an organization of Eternals, Deviants and humans who were tired of the constant battles between the various offshoots of Humans (Homo sapiens). When the atomic bomb was dropped a number of Deviants and Eternals decided that the constant wars had become too much and dangerous, they left their people and banded together to work towards a peaceful future.[1]

The Foundation takes its name from Damocles, who had a sword suspended over his head by a thread. The name represented the danger the group felt their races actions had created.[1]

The only problem with their solution was trying to create a race of super-beings which could control the Earth, and thus put an end to all warfare. They experimented using human mutants and used agents to infiltrate various organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. and Operation: Zero Tolerance to keep track of existing superhumans.[2][3]

Their experiments produced an entire generation of mutant children in the small town of Almost Reno, New Mexico, but the children proved genetically unstable and all but one died at a young age.[4]



Advanced technology from the Eternals, Deviants as well as hybridized technology.

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