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Damon Dran was a wealthy but paranoid businessman who stole a power source developed by the mysterious Project 4 and exposed himself to it, becoming the Indestructible Man. He clashed with Daredevil[1] and Captain America,[2] among others, but his most persistent foe was the Black Widow.[3]

Dran's indestructibility had "expired" years ago, and he tried to build armor into his body, and used U.V. lights and pills to keep himself immortal, while growing paranoid.[4]

He killed numerous ambassadors through the terrorist Molot Boga, and when he was pinned down by Black Widow, he captured her.[5] Natasha managed to escape and bring Dran to S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities. While he was being held in a facility, he was killed with acid by a rogue agent.[4]


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  • Superhuman Durability: Dran is highly resilient due to armor implants and other modifiers he added to his body.[4]
  • Immortality: Dran is allegedly immortal in the sense that he can no longer die from old age.[4]


He has skill at strategy and planning.



He had a helicopter, but it was destroyed by Americop.

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