When he was a young man Damon Malone became obsessed with fire, lighting things on fire for his personal amusement, and took great pleasure in lighting on fire the belongings of his younger sister Magda. One day, Damon lit a club house on fire leading to a scuffle with another neighbourhood boy named Eric Hodges. During the fight, Damon was knocked into the fire and was horribly burned before he was pulled out. Growing to adulthood, the horribly scarred Damon cut all ties with his family and relocated to an island on the Pacific. There he grew out his hair and a massive beard to hide his scarred face. Obtaining a submarine and a crew he became an area pirate dubbed the Firebrand, for his knack for robbing ships and then lighting them on fire. The island region lived in fear of the Firebrand and sought to avoid his wrath.

By 1948, the now adult Magda was a famous aviator along with her husband-to-be, Eric Hodges. However, before she was to marry she wanted to find her long-lost brother, unaware of his transformation into Firebrand. While out looking for him, he plane was downed over his island and Damon took her prisoner, Magda unaware of the fact that Firebrand was her brother. Meanwhile, Eric began searching for her when she was reported missing. Firebrand and his crew went out to rob another ship, lighting it afire when they were finished. The attack was spotted by Sub-Mariner and Namora who forced Firebrand's sub to surface when they opened the hatch in an attempt to flood it. Firebrand and his crew attacked the two Atlanteans and managed to subdue them. Firebrand then had them tied to a torpedo and launched to their doom and escaped, unaware that he two heroes broke free before the torpedo could detonate.

Back on his island, Firebrand mocked his sister when his men suddenly brought in Eric, who had managed to track Magda down to Firebrand's island. Eric recognizing Firebrand's scars identified him as Magda's long lost brother. Firebrand then had the pair tied to a stake and was prepared to burn them alive when Namor and Namora arrived on the scene. While the heroes were busy saving Magda and Eric and fighting off Firebrand's men, the pyromaniac attempted to flee. Namor caught up to the villain just as he arrived as his sub. Firebrand then attempted to keep Namor at bay with a thermite bomb, but tripped over a rope and fell onto his sub, the thermite then went off burning him alive, ending his menace.[1]


Firebrand suffered from Pyromania, a impulsive disorder that causes him to deliberately light fires for his own gratification.


Firebrand had his own submarine that was armed with torpedoes.


Firebrand used thermite bombs to start his fires.

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