Dan Hawk was the son of Jim Hawk, a member of the Texas Rangers during the days of the American Frontier. In 1836, Jim was among the many Rangers that were involved in the Battle of the Alamo, at some point during the conflict Jim was shot dead leaving Dan orphaned. Dan was left in the care of Cactus an old family friend who promised to look after Dan should anything happen to his father. Cactus then taught Dan how to shoot and ride and soon the young teen became a proficient gunslinger. Seeking to follow in his father's footsteps, Dan sought membership in the Texas Rangers but was denied due to the fact that he was still too young to join their ranks. This changed when Dan and Cactus heard how a band of renegade Native Americans led by chief Wassati were attacking the fort after obtaining guns. When the warriors were forced to retreat after running out of ammo, Dan and Cactus tracked down their suppler and tied him up they then secured his wagon of ammunition. Dan then went to the native camp and began shooting and lured them out to where he laid a trap with gun powder, starting a ring a fire to keep them trapped. Dan then fought Wassati one-on-one and won just as the Texas Rangers arrived on the scene. Impressed by Dan's work, the captain offered Dan a position with the Rangers. However the experience changed Dan's opinion and he decided instead to travel around Texas helping those in need. The captain accepted this offer and made Dan an honorary and undercover Texas Ranger.

Dan Hawk rode across Texas for years and by the time he was an adult he became known as the "Kid from Texas". With the help of his trusty sidekick Cactus, the Kid From Texas rounded up an outlaw named McLean, and captured the Blackie Craig gang after a series of coach robberies.[1] Later the Kid and Cactus liberated the town of Laredo from Lash Grogan and his gang, exposed Mr. Carter of Copper City was the mastermind behind a series of coach robberies. Later the pair were captured by Red Claw and his band of Native Americans who convinced chief Chippawa that the Kid was an enemy. However the Kid and Cactus broke free and foiled Red Claw's attempt to assassinate Chippawa and frame the Kid for it. The Kid then agreed to pretend to be implicated in ringleader of a coach robbery in Twin Forks in an attempt to flush out the real thieves. Cactus, unaware of this plan insisted that the Kid was innocent and even broke Dan out of jail to capture the real thieves before learning the truth.[2]

Subsequent adventures of the Kid From Texas remain unrecorded.


Dan rides a horse.


Dan carried two six shooters.

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