Daniels was an engineer at the United States Department of Defense who worked with Forge to design power-blocking technology for superhumans.[1] Due to his photographic memory, he retained the information for the construction of the devices in his mind.[2]

Two days after the birth of the mutant nation, Krakoa, Daniels was kidnapped and forced to create new devices for the joint forces of the anti-mutant organization Homines Verendi and the governments of Madripoor, Russia, and Brazil, to be used as weapons against mutant expansion.[2]

Daniels was eventually rescued by the Marauders from a Russian arms factory aboard a cargo ship that was sailing in the South Pacific. He was taken to Krakoa, where White Queen erased his memory of the power dampening technology. He later enjoyed Krakoa's retirement plan in Rio Verde, Arizona under the assumed identity of Dan Molina.[2]

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Photographic memory[2]

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