Dan Quayle,[3] aka Dan Quail, was the vice-president of the United States. He was not particularly well considered, with the idea of Quail becoming [[Presidents of the United States of America |President of the United States]] being uncomfortable for most[4] —except for the alien species known as the (really) Mindless Ones, who supported Quail.[3]

At one point, the bistro Bud's Sud, frequented by superheroes, staged a charity benefit show with superheroes being stars. Quail attended the show in representation of the President - because, even with extra security, should the President had some problem, then Quail would have to take over, something no-one wanted.[4]


Unliked by most[4] except by the (really) Mindless Ones.[3]

This character, a reference to then-vice-president of the U.S. Dan Quayle, is originally called "Dan Quail" [sic.] in What The--?! #8. Later, in #19, there is a reference to his name being "Dan Quayle." [sic.]

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