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Professional History

Slott joined Marvel as an editor in the early 1990s and debuted with the comic book adaptation of the cartoon Ren & Stimpy. He later worked at DC comics until 2004 when he returned to Marvel to write She-Hulk. Dan Slott had a ten year run on Amazing Spider-Man (in Amazing Spider-Man, and the entirety of Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) and Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4), as well as Superior Spider-Man) with Christos Gage as a frequent co-writer, and also wrote Fantastic Four (Vol. 6), Silver Surfer (Vol. 7) and Silver Surfer (Vol. 8), along with the entirety of Tony Stark: Iron Man (with Jim Zub and Gage as collaborators). He's currently writing Spider-Boy (Vol. 2) and Superior Spider-Man (Vol. 3).

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