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Dane Whitman had a complicated family history, being part of a lineage that dealt with the cursed Ebony Blade. While it was safely kept away, Dane became a teaching professor at the Natural History Museum. He fell in love with and formed a relationship with a fellow teacher Sersi, whom he eventually came to suspect of being a witch both due to weird happenings around her and things tol told him by Sprite.

One night in 2023, after celebrating Dane's birthday in a pub, he asked Sersi to move in with him, only to be politely rejected. While walking her and Sprite home, they were attacked by a Deviant whom Sersi and Sprite kept away with their powers until the arrival of Ikaris forced it to flee. Sersi was forced to tell Dane about the Eternal nature of herself, Sprite and her ex-husband Ikaris, whom Dane realized had a much longer history with her. Afterwards, the Eternals departed to deal with the threat of Deviants, although Sersi kept in touch with Dane.

The Eternals prevented the Emergence of the Celestial Tiamut when Sersi used her powers to turn it to stone, which was noticed by the people of Earth. Returning to London, Sersi explained Dane that she was unable to live like a human, after which he professed his love for her. Before Dane could tell her about his family history, a colossal figure of Arishem the Judge appeared in the sky, abducting Sersi an taking her off-world.

Determined to go after her, Dane went to and unwrapped the Ebony Blade, which immeditely tried to have an effect on him. Before he could touch it, he was suddenly asked by a man whether he was ready to do so.[1]




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