Dane Whitman was present alongside his fellow MI-13 teammates Captain Britain and Excalibur when Ultron's forces invaded the United Kingdom.
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Normal Dane.

With the help of Captain Marvel, they devised a plan to use the abilities of Computer Graham, who can go inside the virtual world of games and machines in hopes that he might be able to shut down Ultron from the inside. Dane decided to help out, but Brian encouraged him not to due to the last time he used the Ebony Blade. Dane stayed behind with Faiza to help out the injured instead.

Even though they were successful, everyone was lost in the battle, which included Braddock Academy student Melanie Kapoor. Back at the British Museum, Dane asked if they are okay, and Faiza replied that they aren't, and that they will need to continue the fight for them.[1]


Seemingly those of the Dane Whitman of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Dane Whitman of Earth-616.


Armor, Shield


Ebony Blade

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