The past history of Dane Whitman of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. At some point in recent history he joined with King Britain's latest incarnation of Excalibur. During a battle against the Grey Gargoyle, the Black Knight was turned into stone along with the rest of Excalibur. Furious over what had happened, King Britain unthinkingly killed the Grey Gargoyle, seemingly trapping his fellow teammates in a state of stone. Over the convening years, King Britain attempted to restore Dane and the others by bringing Grey Gargoyles from other realities to see if they could free his friends. Each attempt failed, and Britain assumed that it was hopeless to try and free his friends.
This would all change, when Mephisto (disguising himself as both Captain UK and Grey Gargoyle) used his powers to free Excalibur. Having done so for the sole purpose to create chaos among Britain following the marriage of King Britain and Medusa by restoring Britain's original wife, Meggan to life. He was last seen as a prisoner of Mephisto when he and the Deviants took over Buckingham Palace. He has since been released following Mephisto's death. Black Knight's current whereabouts following his new found freedom remains to be revealed.




Seemingly those of Dane Whitman of Earth-616.

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