Not much is known about the past of the woman named Danette. She was just 13 years old during the the 1965 blackout on Manhattan. Her only known relative is her father, who while alive in 1965 is now deceased, however the circumstances and how old Danette was at the time are unrevealed.

By the year 1977, she would be a taxicab driver in New York City. On July 13th of that year she would pick up the must unlikely fare: The time displaced Conan of Cimmera, who sent to this era by the evil sorcerer Shamash-Shum-Unk. Conan would mistake her cab as a monster and attempt to attack it as he was fleeing police. Danette would be angry at first, but would note Conan's garb and inability to speak English and figure him as a foreigner. She would help hide him from the police and take him back to her home.

There, she would try to figure out where he came from, to no avail. When the city experiences another blackout, Danette seeks comfort from Conan and the two share a moment of passion. Their evening is disturbed by the sound of looters on the street below. Conan goes down to stop them, and at Danette's request, he refrains from killing any of them.

Deciding on trying to help Conan to get home, she would try to find clues to his origins by showing him pictures from her encyclopedia set. When Conan sees an upside down photograph of the Guggenheim Art Museum he notices it resembles the citadel of Shamash. Danette drives him there and the unlikely pair finds that it is currently being robbed. Conan attempts to stop the robbers, but Danette is grazed by a bullet. This puts Conan into a fury and he kills all the thieves. Feeling that his destiny is with the storm clouds above the museum, Conan would give one of his gold braclets to Danette, and she would give him her cap. When the police would arrive they would try to stop Conan, but Danette would stop them. Taken outside, Danette would watch as Conan would be struck by a mystical bolt of lightning, returning him to his home time. She would be deeply saddened by his leaving, when the police would ask her who he was, she'd respond by saying "Just.. a guy. He wasn't from... Around here...!"

Danette's current activities are unknown.

  • Danette was named and modeled after Dann Thomas, who at the time was not yet a comics writer.

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