Daniel was an angel from Heaven,[1] the brother of Kazaan[2] and little brother of Malachi.

During Lucifer's rebellion, Daniel and Malachi remained loyal to the Throne while their other brother Kazaan fell with Lucifer. Malachi and Kazaan remained in contact in the millennia that followed, feeding information to each other in the war between Heaven and Hell to ensure their favor and promotion in their respective jobs.

Unfortunately, Kazaan made his own plans and intended to manifest physically on Earth, drawing unwanted attention to Malachi. Malachi went to Daniel for help shutting Kazaan down while maintaining some plausible deniability to all sides about his involvement. Daniel directed him to Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider -- an incredibly powerful, and incredibly gullible pawn for Malachi to exploit.[1]


Daniel is an Angel and so possesses vast supernatural power, which is apparently inherent within him. He can travel between Heaven and Earth, and can exist unaided on the surface of the moon. Daniel possesses shimmering wings allowing him to fly, and can appear on Earth invisible to all but a select few mortals gifted with the sight.


Heavenly Armor


Heavenly Sword

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