Daniel "King" Bascom was a wealthy banker whose greed led him to attempt to gain full control over America's farm land. To this end, he invested his money in a machine that would cause drought conditions to nearby farms, driving them out of business and forcing them to sell their land at low prices. He would then purchase the properties, which he intended to revitalize and gain control of the farming industry. However, calls to the F.B.I led to them sending their agent Curt Cowan to investigate. Unknown to all, Cowan was secretly the crime fighter known as the Dynamic Man.

Using his x-ray vision, he found the location of the drought causing machine and smashed it up. Learning of Bascom's involvement, the Dynamic Man chased after Bascom and eventually captured him before forcing him to confess to his crimes when turned over to the authorities.[1]


Bascom used giant machines that could cause drought conditions in select locations. He also had a home that was booby-trapped with a room that would flood with water and had a collapsible roof.


King Bascom owned a plane.

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